Ozzie's Midweek Survey: How long did you doubt?

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  • Satanus

    #1. Not long at all. I read Coc, and that was it. I had always doubted myself before that. Although i had a wierd feeling that something wasn't right a while before i read the book.


  • StinkyPantz

    Months is all. .

  • Mutz

    Too long.

    I started to have doubts soon after getting baptised. It took me another 13 years to extricate myself though.

  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli

    # 3 Years (40 +)

    # 4 Years in # 3 was by definition too long

    # 5 How Could I Doubt? As one raised from infancy in the religion by fanatically loyal JW parents and in an environment where I was virtually the only child, I felt that I had no real choice. As a young adult I lacked the thinking and analytical abilities necessary to make a break for it. However, even as a child I had doubts that I successfully suppressed for nearly 40 years.

  • Rick Aust
    Rick Aust

    I have been bartized for 16 years and I never had any doubts, until I ended up in a commitee hearing, and I tasted the real love and understandiung of the elders, I could see the lies and the favortism, and I was stunned, and yet i was not allowed to tell anyone.

    I then asked myself,"If this is what happened to me, what has happened to others,?' I then for the first time started to look at the internet, all the life stories of others, silent lambs..the lot, I still remember the moment when I reaslised I was in a cult. Then I felt such a fool and angry with myself for beleiveing all this.

    But then again...one can only make a dicison based on the information presented to him/her at the time.

  • outnfree

    # 3 - Took me 5 years of studying to decide to get dunked and my doubts started almost immediately thereafter. Took another 11+ to finally leave, though, so #4, right?

    Interesting Survey, Ozzie!


  • shera

    Well the whole I time I was involved with the JW's I had doubts,I stayed as long as I did because of the fear and the mabies just,mabies thing.

  • Swan

    3. Years.

    Specifically, I had problems in the late 70's early 80's due to the WTBTS denying 1975, hidden pictures in the Watchtower, Jehovah's letter by Holy Spirit to us, the Ray Franz DF, and inconsistencies between the Creation book and scientific evidence.

    These problems lead to full scale doubting in the summer of 1986. It took until January of 1994 to submit my DA letter, mainly because I was hanging onto my family. When I realized I basically had no family anyway (they were always off doing their own thing), and I had no life (a 35 year old virgin) ,I didn't see much point in being miserable as a JW any longer.


  • Euphemism

    Hm... vague, suppressed doubts? Had those for years.

    Major areas of disagreement, even when I still thought it was the truth? Ten months from my first major break on doctrine, 'til I decided that I wanted to leave the organization.

    Since then, it's been close to three months, and I'm still around. But not for long.

  • talesin


    Went into a coma (no kidding) at age 18 for 3 months. The doctors could never explain why. When I emerged, I left, no doubts.

    Praise the Lord!! I was saved!! (she says facetiously)


    edited to say: if you want more detail, my friend, PM.

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