Preaching = Salvation... NOPE!

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  • jhine

    The way I understand it from talking to rank and file members only the annointed are saved now . The great crowd kinda hope they are but must wait and see , and the decision rests upon whether they are good enough I.e. have they done enough preaching etc . That sounds like salvation through works . The average JW simply cannot seem to see this .


  • Alive!


    Well, I have never met a JW who uses the word 'grace'.

    Have I missed something?

  • jhine

    You and me both Alive!


  • Clambake

    I was trying to find a good commentary about faith vs works on the internet the other day and got frustrated. Finally I just read the entire Chapter of James 2 to see if I was missing something.

    Once I actually figured out the context , James was really saying “ Don’t claim to be born again or saved by faith “ while ignoring the poor and people in need. There really is no conflict with Paul and Romans.

    The ironic part is the watchtower is so critical of the false religions of Christendom for using outreach work while quoting James and while the chapter is about it is our Christian duty to use outreach work, while the WTS won’t piss on the average person if they were on fire.

    Man, it takes a special kind of stupid to be a JW sometimes.

  • jhine

    Çlambake , isn't wonderful what you learn without the " aid " of WT literature ! . l absolutely agree with your post .

    Can l add something . l looked at the notes in my NIV study Bible on the faith and deeds section in James 2 . l will just pick out a couple of sentences .

    " James is not saying that a person is saved by works rather by genuine faith . He is saying , to use Martin Luther's words , that a man is justified ( declared righteous before God ) by faith alone , but not by faith that is alone . Genuine faith will produce good deeds , but only faith in Christ saves "

    I wonder where this leaves Witnesses ?


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