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  • robrog8999

    Hello all...

    I am new here so I figured i'd make a quick post introducing myself and giving a brief intro as to who I am and what i'm here for... as well as to hopefully meet others.

    So, I made a profile and in it I gave a pretty detailed explanation as to my intent here and exactly why I decided to participate in the boards. In case you don't read it, i'll give a brief summary.

    The name is Robert. I am 26 and live in small town Ohio. About 40 min south of Columbus. I label myself a Christian, however, I don't live religiously or even attend church. And mostly its due to the fact that I am still seeking out answers and trying to find the RIGHT Church. Which is why I am here. In part anyway. I have yet to find the right church for me, that can answer all my questions and one I feel satisfied with in basically living my life FOR. Generally speaking, I know I am Christian but I have yet to find where exactly my faith lies. I have been studying the different denominations and sects within Christianity for several years now and after so much research and learning, I have been able to eliminate many of the churches. There's a few things I know for myself, by my own study of the Bible. And the information I have, that I know to be true, I will follow. And if that means disagreeing with this Church's belief, or that one, so be it. I will NOT change what I know is true just to be in line with ones teaching. I will hold onto my own truths and pursue my goal of finding the true Church until I do. And I know it exists. It's just finding it.

    So where I am at currently:

    One thing I know to be true, in which has also kept me from siding with MOST of the Churches I've looked into, is in regards to who Jesus is, who God Is. Jesus is the Son of God. God is the almighty, all-powerful, creator of everything. Also known as The Father. So we have Jesus, Son of God and then we have God the Father. And the bible clearly states these things. And most churches agree. However, what most fail to recognize is the fact that Jesus and God are SEPERATE! So this brings us to the Doctrine of the Trinity. Which is unbiblical and no where is this mentioned in it or even hinted at. The Bible is very clear that Jesus was below God. Jesus received his understanding and power FROM God. And I know I don't need to ramble this, as I know Jehovah's Witnesses don't teach the Doctrine of the Trinity, which is why I am here.

    It is the Doctrine of the Trinity that has made it tough for me to find the right church. As I will not align myself with a Church who teaches this, as its unbiblical, therefore, wrong. So, after I was able to learn for myself these facts, it did make searching for the truth a lot harder. But in other ways, much easier. Because once you eliminate the churches who teach the Trinity, it leaves very few left.

    One of the Churches who don't teach this Doctrine is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. (Mormons). So I researched the Church, learned a lot and studied with Missionaries from the Church for a long time. Years in fact. Actually, it's who I have spent most of my bible study with the last couple of years. And at times, I even felt as though I might have finally found the Truth. I purchased basically the entire library from their website over the course of the last few years. And Spent a lot of time studying it, praying about it and learning about it.

    I know this post is becoming a huge chapter book now, so I am going to bring this to an end. So to shorten everything up...

    So this is where I am right now. I still am in my research and still trying to find the truth and the church I can finally, and FULLY feel is right and true. With no question. I have yet to find that. The Mormon Church is still up in the air for me. I have never made a decision yet. I have not been able to truly say, "this is God's Church without a doubt" without hesitation or doubt. I still feel somewhat questionable and hesitant at times. There's a few things I am unsettled with about it and still need answers for. As well as a couple things I need to research better, to be able and confirm to myself the legitimacy of Joseph Smith. So with that being said...

    Now having studied that Church (Mormons) for a few years and still not having a feeling of certainty, I feel by now, God would have confirmed to me the truth of it. Maybe It's not the truth and God has been telling me that all this time, I just haven't listened out of disappointment of having still not found Him. I don't know. But...I know one thing. And that is, the Jehovah's Witnesses are another Christian group in which does NOT teach the Trinity. And I know very little about this Church as I have not studied this one much during all my years of research. Which excites me because it's another direction for me to seek. Another pathway to God, perhaps? Maybe this is the answer! And that's what I am here to find out- to learn more of this Church FROM actual members. So, I hope to gain more understanding of the teachings, doctrine, history, literature and perspective from it's own members.

    so I hope to be able and get that here.

    I am here to:




    Notice how I mentioned 'members' several times...I really want info coming from just that, rather then former members or critics.

    Anyway, I am sorry for the long thread. I did not intend for it to be this long, but I figured the more informative I am about my situation, the better the replies will be to my certain position. So to end this, I just want to say thanks for taking the time to read my post. And that I look forward to reading your replies and learning more about you guy's (HOPEFULLY!!)

    Thanks again!!

  • bsmart

    There are a few current members here, but for the most part we are ex-JWs, some hurt by the religion; others with family in (like me). I am sure there will be a few to show up. We have quite a few atheists and agnostics here too.


  • bsmart

    Oh, we have a good search engine at the top of the page, and 15 years of forums. Have at it!

  • nicolaou

    Welcome to the forum Robert. You've introduced yourself at the quietest time online so may not get many replies for a few hours yet.

    Buckle up.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Your excessive use of the word "truth" makes you a perfect candidate for the Jehovah's Witnesses. Give it a try. You will fit quite well.

  • smiddy

    Welcome robrog 8999,

    You have stated that your here to :Read testimonies from members, Learn from members ,& to read advice from members.,which is fair enough.However , if you simply limit yourself to only those people , dont you run the risk of getting a totally biased view of the religion.?

    Wouldnt it be wiser to also get the viewpoint of past members ? some who have been members for many ,many years ? and get their viewpoint also ?

    If you were going to buy a used car from someone ,would you only trust the one who is the seller ? and not listen at all to someone else who used to own the car ?

    Only that way could you make an informed rational decision as to the benefits or not of purchasing the car.

    The same is true in making choices about religion,their are always two sides to consider .

    I hope you make the right choice.

    Take care.

  • Listener

    I'm along the lines with what Never a JW is saying (and I get why they are saying it ;) but the religion is so bad with their spiritual teachings and how they operate that I just can't bring myself to encourage you to do this.

    As far as the Trinity goes, I wonder what you learnt and why you are completely against it. Even within the Trinity teachings there are different understandings. I gather you refer to the teaching as recognized by the JW religion which is far from the beliefs in practice that are taught by some religions.

    For many, the Trinity does not mean that Jesus is God or that Jesus is even equal to God. I personally don't believe that and think it is very dishonest of the JW organization to spread the idea that this is what all believers of the Trinity think.

    Why are you so against the idea? The word means a Tri Unity and this is certainly how they work together. We have God, his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit all working in unity together, all three together. God and Jesus work together as one. Both God and Jesus work by using the Holy Spirit, if that was not so then what spirit does Jesus use?

    To condemn all believers of the Trinity as being false and an identifier of wrong beliefs is an injustice to other Christians.

    What makes you think that there must be one true religion today and more specifically why would the Mormons or JWs be that true religion when they only came into existence in the last few centuries? Surely you could rule them out simply on that basis. They have not existed since the first century. Jesus gave the promise that he would always be with us.

    Jesus told us through the parable of the Wheat and the Weeds that Christians would be scattered amongst the whole field/nations and I am surprised that you haven't seen this for yourself when you have talked to so many about their beliefs, there are many sincere people in the World who seek to follow Christ.

    Jesus told us that where you find two or more gathered together in his name, there he is also.

    Once baptized as a JW you will be required to believe and advocate their particular teachings confined to their religion only. Failing to do so will find you rejected from their religion. You will not be allowed to have your own thoughts on Bible teachings which differ from what they are teaching, even when your thoughts are right.

    One of their most damning teachings is that of two separate groups, the anointed (little flock) and other sheep. More than 99% of their members are considered to be of the other sheep. These ones are not part of the New Covenant, are not God's children, are not part of the Body of Christ (the real Congregation), do not have the law written in their hearts, are not born again and do not have Jesus as their mediator.

  • robrog8999

    Thanks for the replies! Really appreciate them. Let me try and respond to the questions asked.

    Smiddy: I get what your saying and totally agree. However, I have already read tons of stories/advice from ex members and nonmembers and/or people who are just against the Church altogether in other forums and chat rooms in the past. I even have a close friend who was raised Jehovah Witness and left the Church when we were teenagers after a falling out within the Family, which she later then converted over to the LDS Church. However, at the time, I had little interest in Church or anything like that. So we never spoke religion but I am well aware of the trouble it caused her and her family. It all began with a blood transfusion that her Mom needed in order to survive. She took it and was ex communicated, banned from her Sons wedding soon after (Who was/is still active in the Church) and she soon followed her Mother and left the Church. It tore the family apart and she was lost at that time. So, for many years, I had a bad feeling toward Jehovah Witnesses and judged them for the pain I saw in my Best Friend. Obviously, I had no right to judge as I was judging a huge community of different backgrounds, many of whom was not their fault. And from that day on, I only remembered that and never would allow myself to even learn of the Church. Until several months ago, I began reading the website, some books and other material.. just opening my eyes a little to its teachings. And the judgment i made years ago was uncalled for. I had never attempted to even learn about the Church, yet i made a quick rush of judgment against it. And I feel like I owe it to at least learn the facts for myself and see both sides before pushing it off altogether. So, thats what im trying to do now.

    So I have seen and read from many of the ex members and have already seen that standpoint. And I am happy for that, rather many of their feelings were biased or uncalled for, i dunno, but i am thankful nonetheless that i have different viewpoints. All but from actual members. I have yet to read what members say, current members. I would like a chance to learn a bit from them so i can weigh it all out on my own.

    Hopefully that answers your question some.

  • freddo

    Welcome. Why do you feel the need to align yourself with any church?

  • 2+2=5

    I would suggest you get down to your local Kingdom Hall, and stop trolling this forum.

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