I have worked at Chelmsford

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  • fulano


    Can I ask you anything and you Will prove it?

  • Crazyguy2

    I just don’t see why they need such a place, they can run the whole religion and even make videos in just a small office building with only a hand full of rooms.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara
    Ask me anything, I am happy to prove it. everythin* I said is true

    Lets see some pictures of the family nght, BBQ'S, helicopter landings n take offs with bros/siss getting off n on etc.

    Proof is all I ask not just talk.

    You talk the talk but can you walk the walk??


  • Val2020

    Obviously you are not allowed to take pictures or videos Dumbass.

    you can deny it all you want but the thousand plus people working at Chelmsford saw or heard about the helicopter rides. Ask anybody you know who knows somebody who worked there, they will confirm it.

    there is no an official helipad, but there are fields designed for heli take offs and landings.

    again how can you question bethel family nights every year? Ask any bethelite from around the world they will tell stories of them, and the bethel BBQ and other parties where everybody gets top quality whine.

  • Val2020

    The talk is that Chelmsford site they are keeping is about 80-100 acres

    they bought several hundred acres all around the site just so that nobody could object to what the we’re planning. Very devious really.

    anyway now they are coming to the end, they may be selling off or at least renting out these hundreds of acre as of land that they do not need.

    if they keep them then they have to cut the grass and look after the fields.

  • Val2020

    Also the hundreds of caravans or mobile homes will Ben sold off.

    there are about a thousand volunteers living in a big trailer park on site, some of these trailers are very luxurious and I can cant deny why they spent so much on decking and conservatory etc when they knew it was temporary

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    could strike a deal with the didicoy.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Val, you are a loser coz you could not walk the walk. You made the claim about helicopters, BBQ and all other BS# , YOU MADE A COP-OUT with cant take pics.Why not? are you and the bethel CIA, MI5? I have taken pics when in bethel (yes really i have givne a few years of my life to bethel service!) at social gatherings, etc with big shots.

    You claimed " Ask me anything ,I am happy to prove it".

    You failed ,you lose.

    You lose YOU CANT WALK THE WALK, Mophead.

    Dont make claims you cant prove!

  • St George of England
    St George of England
    there is no an official helipad, but there are fields designed for heli take offs and landings.

    A company I worked for about 35 years ago owned a field where the VIP's would arrive by helicopter. However very stringent safety procedures were laid down including having a fire engine attending the landing site along with the limousine.

    Once the admin dept ordered the fire engine but forgot the limo. The VIP's travelled into the company in the fire engine but apparently enjoyed the trip!

  • kramer

    There aren’t 1000+ volunteers living on site , and theee aren’t helicopters flying everywhere, and the food and drink isn’t lavish and whine (sorry wine) isn’t overflowing , and I HAVE lived and worked in bethel for three years , and go to Chelmsford .... sheesh

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