After being in the so-called "Truth" makes me despise all religions.

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  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you. My experience with Jehovah's Witnesses did it for me and I'm done with religion. I would never again trade my freedom or get involved with a nosy bunch again.

    And I'm not looking for anything either like there's some void that needs to be filled. Do a lot of research and reading and come to your own conclusions. If, at some point, you feel you must get involved with a church, movement, etc. be careful! You may just be wanting friends, which is why most JWs stay there.

    Not me, though. I want none of it. I attended a funeral mass recently and it was pleasant to be inside a new Catholic Church after decades of being out. I was raised Catholic...Even though it was pleasant, I'm not interested.

  • Chook

    No other religion can take the crown from JWs as the king of God destroying doctrine. Imagine a young girl child abuse victim and her trying to trust other men, its the same as xjws trusting other religions.

  • Fader812


    I'm where you are, I was raised a Catholic also and my parents found the so-called Truth and thats when my childhood started to suck, I was old enough to look forward to the holidays and birthdays, I was told education was not important and college wasn't an option, no sports, nothing! Gosh, what a FUCKED UP religion, Jehovahs people are not happy people, they are a stressed the fuck out, used, abused and programed. Now I know how the people with the signs outside the assemblies felt "let my family go", I was told "Dont look at them!" and now I tell my family not to answer the door. Sorry had to vent, I feel like I've been scammed out of my happiness.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Aye, 'tis very true. All "religions" of Christendom have been corrupted and perverted to tyrannically impose the rules of men upon the deceived followers. Not only Christendom in fact, but virtually all religions upon the face of the Earth.

    It is the shape of things soon to come. Cults are everywhere; Politics, Science, Climate. Truth is of no value to our modern System of Deception. Those who advocate Truth are accused of being "meddlers." How ironic...

    As many have discovered, real Faith is not dependent upon any organization or group claiming to represent the Almighty One.

  • mentalclarity

    So you know how you might have had a bad experience with a man and then you think all men are shit???? It just reminds me a lot of with what happens with exjws and religion. It's a process-a lot of exjw swing to the other extreme. I was very anti-organized religion when I first left, then I softened my stance.

    I work with Catholics, Baptists. Methodists, Buddhist leaning, etc people and some go to church/some don't. I see their lives as pretty balanced and they are decent, honest individuals trying to raise their kids and do the best they can. What matters is that you do what works for you. Take a break- don't do anything and little by little see if something peaks your interest. You'll find your own compass. The way you feel right now about religion may change or it might not. But at least it won't be just a knee jerk reaction to being a JW.

  • LisaRose

    Nobody has all the answers, you are only deceiving yourself to imagine anything different.

    Eventually you come to terms with this and get on with your life and make the best of your time here on planet earth, the world is full of possibilities.

  • Finkelstein

    Religion is a vehicle that men use to empower themselves and to enforce control over others.

    Some of that control may be worth while and beneficial and but usually there's a whole lot that simply isn't toward individuals.

  • ShirleyW
    After being in the so-called "Truth" makes me despise all religions.


  • hooberus
    One thing being a JW did real well is show you how all other religions are False - so when you find out JWs are false, well - why would you go to one of the others.

    In addition to taking scripture out of context, the Watchtower misrepresents the teachings of others order to make them appear false. For example, they have misrepresented the Trinity for years in several ways. People leave the Watchtower and still hold these strawman beliefs.


    After being in the so-called "Truth" makes me despise all religions.

    It`s like sports, you have to pick a team.

    Considering I was born into this Shit for Brains religion.

    I prefer to Despise the WBT$.

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