Child sexual abuse suspect arrested in T.O.

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  • Vidiot
    cofty - "In the case of child sex abuse, an unreasonable threshold of evidence is demanded."


    And ten bucks says it happens that way due to a subconscious desire to avoid dealing with the problem in a way that would end up far more uncomfortable to the Org than the alternative.

  • john.prestor

    Spot on Vidiot. There's power in that kind of directness.

  • AudeSapere

    I missed this post and just learned of the arrest yesterday.

    This KH is VERY close to me. At one point, when I was very depressed and struggling to stay in the org, this is one of the Halls I considered transferring to.

    Horrific shame that these situations continue to occur.

    So glad the 16 year old came forward.

    Might consider going to the courthouse on Thursday.

  • DNCall

    I am getting in touch with an exJW whose JW sister spent some weeks living with the Abbot family while she rebelling from from her JW parents. This girl is now about 34, married and still a Witness. Abbot may have left her alone but in case he molested her, she needs to know about the authorities' invitation to come forward.

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