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  • Gorb

    What is the probability that a religious organisation is used for money laundering? For example, large amounts of money are raised by the organization as a donation and then legally introduced into the financial system. Is there any chance that is used for this kind of purpose? This is a scenario that has always intrigued me.


  • WingCommander

    They already do that; the WT Corp is known to, and has to publicly disclose, that it has an extensive investment portfolio encompassing many stocks in Wall Street. So yes, they invest in financial institutions.

    Make no mistake about it. Money only flows one-way in JW-Land, from the rank-n-file Sheeple's wallets, to WatchTower's offshore bank accounts. No money ever flows BACK into the Congregations, unless absolutely necessary to repair/remodel a Kingdumb Hell for a quick sale.

    The Congregations were pressured (AKA: scammed by WT HQ and CO's) to send all of their local Congregation savings to WT HQ a few years ago. They were told it was for "Safe keeping", and that if they needed anything, they could easily request their money back to do things. Think that's how it works? LOL!!!! They have to beg and plead to GET THEIR OWN FUNDS BACK, but 99% of the time WT HQ says, "REQUEST DENIED." Too bad, so sad! The WatchTower Org are total fraudulent crooks and charlatans! False prophets, for profits, hiding under the guise of a "charitable religion" here in the USA. Crooks!

  • IWant2Leave

    It's true that requests are denied even when repairs are desperately needed. At one K.H. the carpet was in desperate need of replacing and the requests were repeatedly denied. When W.T. cleaned out the local accounts, our congregation forwarded nearly $40,000 that we were saving for a building project.

  • hoser

    Check valves and diodes prevent the back flow of money in the Jehovah’s Witness religion.

    It’s funny that more can’t figure that out or don’t get the courage to do something about it.

  • punkofnice

    I'm not sure the actual term 'money laundering' can be used in this instance. I'd say 'money grubbing', sure.

    Certainly, the WBT$ scrounge money off the R&F and anyone they can. They gamble in stocks and shares quite hypocritically.

  • Gorb

    Can it be used by maffia or foreign country?

    Family Morolto funds 100 b. dollar each year and get it back with some "relief" structure??


  • Overrated

    Yes it is! An Watchtower gets away with it day in and day out! People need to wake up and stop feeding the pig.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    They specificallly say to donate to the general fund instead of a special relief fund so they then can use money as needed. The exception is a fund for a hall, roof or whatever,,,,then that may be resolutioned away at some later date.

  • truth_b_known

    Money Laundering is when you take proceeds from illegal enterprise (e.g. narcotics trafficking) and use a financial system to make it appear as if it were profits from legitimate business. The Watchtower does hold itself out to be a religious entity to receive the tax exemption. There could one day be some tax law violations, but not Money Laundering.

  • Gorb

    Could laundering be a main reason of existence for such an organization??


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