Why are Americans always shooting themselves?

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  • drwtsn32
    Sure, it solves the crime ... but only because you are not counting it as a crime anymore !

    It's not that simple... people aren't talking about the crime of buying/selling drugs itself, but the other crimes that go along with the illegal act (murder, violence, etc).

    I think a society with legalised drugs would be a nightmare ... the effects of smoking and alcohol no society are bad enough.

    Did crime increase or decrease during the prohibition? (And I'm not talking about the "crime" of manufacturing/selling alcoholic beverages, but crimes related to that practice.)

  • ozziepost
    Why are Americans always shooting themselves?

    Sorry to be picky, but shouldn't this be: "Why are Americans always shooting each other?"

  • Yerusalyim

    The sarcastic reply would be...hey...if ya knew these bastards you'd feel like shooting them too. Actually...I think americans are just aggressive in almost everything we do...great for business...bad for crime rates.

  • Simon
  • Valis
    but most 'Americans' are rather extreme when compared to other groups of people from other places

    yeah the Taliban aint got nuthin on us!


    District Overbeer

  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith
    7 die in Chicago workplace shooting
    Gunman was about to be fired, police say
    An aerial view of the auto parts business on Chicago's South Side where a gunman opened fire on employees.
    CHICAGO, Aug. 27 — An employee on the verge of losing his job opened fire at an auto parts warehouse Wednesday, killing six co-workers before dying himself at a hospital, authorities said.

    Isn't this how us Americans find jobs too?

  • SixofNine

    [email protected] Stacy.


  • Valis

    you can take the guns away from the crazy people

    but you can't take the crazy out of them...

    Violent and or crazy people are just that and when they snap it doesn't matter if they have a gun or a baseball bat or their fist...someone will be on the recieving end of the animus.


    District Overbeer

  • Francois

    Alan, I wonder quite a bit if the current "method" of distributing drugs doesn't make so much money for a relative few people that we will never see the day when we do away with this "system" in favor of something that makes sense.

    We lost the war on drugs the day we engaged with it. We have spent a great deal of money in our attempt to "win" it. We won't ever win it.

    The war on drugs, as CBS news has so accurately put it, is a war upon ourselves. It's the innocent citizens, pain patients, pain doctors and clinics that are taking it on the chin. And there appear to be so many agents who spend most of their time strutting their stuff for us to take seriously.

    Why did it take the US three extra years to approve the use of bupenorphine for detoxification of opiate users after it had been used in western Europe for all that time? Do we really want to help our toxified public, or do we want them just to get what's coming to them, a form of suffering unimaginable unless you've actually experienced it?

    I feel I'm babbling. There's so much to say about this subject I guess I don't know where to start. I've just seen so much waste of otherwise salvageable human life. It's very frustrating. And most of what we do about it is to hurl epithets at the problem and at opiate junkies, and to throw empty threats into the air.

    So do you have suggestions? Let's hear 'em?


  • Beans

    I would blame the drive through at McDonalds or Armageddon just can't get here on time!

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