A bombshell about Judge Rutherford 1938 Royal Albert Hall London “Face the Facts”

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  • Finkelstein

    One thing that can be said in honesty to fact is that all the leaders of the WTS were propagandists endeavored to draw attention to the literature the WTS published.

    Pointing out the false worship of other Christian based faiths, promoting that mankind is living in the end time (This Generation) were all self supporting doctrines devised to support the proliferation of the literature the WTS published.

    Of course these doctrines were not scripturaly supported if one were to carefully read bible but this was the cunning strategy the WTS took with purpose and self supporting reasons. People today still believe what the WTS leaders say in spite of condemnation written in the bible, specifically the words of Jesus Christ.

    When one gets baptized as a JWS they are actually making themselves loyal and faithful sales representatives to the Watchtower Corporation (Publishing house) or now known as JWorg.

    Preaching a tainted and false commercialized Gospel is what the JW religion is all about , many are starting to Awake and realize that.

  • Earnest

    With respect I have formatted the quotation by BluesBrother:

    As Jehovah warned the people of Jerusalem, so today he warns the people of good will in "Christendom" in these words : 'He that abideth in this city [ organization of "Christendom"] shall die, but he that goeth out and fleeth to Christ shall live.' (Jeremiah 21 : 9 ; 38 : 2) "Why will ye die, thou and thy people, by the sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence, as the Lord hath spoken against the nation that will not serve the king of Babylon ?" --Jeremiah 27 : 13.
    The totalitarian combine is going to get control of England and America. You cannot prevent it. Do not try. Your safety is on the Lord's side ; but there really will be but a short time that the combine will hold sway, because it is written in the Lord's Word, at 1 Thessalonians 5: 3, that when this crowd says, 'We are now at peace and safety,' the Lord sends sudden destruction upon them, and they are at their wits' end, and they shall find no way of escape.

    Face the Facts, pp.26, 27

  • Finkelstein

    As one can read in this manuscript the WTS has gone a long way in demonizing other Christian based faiths as well those who oppose its own established doctrines.

    The other part of the overall strategy by the WTS heads to cultivate and retain dedicated followers is put the imposition that Armageddon is just around the corner, placing even more importance that one better keep up their righteousness in the eyes of god for their own sake.

    Stay with us and you'll probably make it , dont and you probably wont.

    Why ? because we are the most righteous in the eyes of god.

    This is how the WTS locks down its adherents and makes leaving difficult from a psychological perspective,

  • Bobcat

    Thanks Earnest for formatting the quote. The "toltalitarian combine" refers to the Axis powers. At that point in history (late 1930s) they did indeed appear to be on the way to victory. The battle of Britain, the invasion of Russia (along with the ensuing 'winter of the century'), and the attack on Pearl Harbor (which brought the US into the war) had not yet occurred. Everything appeared to be going the Axis' way.

    The next booklet that discussed this ("End of Axis Powers"; 1941) foretold a draw between the Allies and the Axis. Then the "Peace, Can It Last?" talk in 1942 described an Allied victory.

    The WT definitely kept up with current events. But the only part they ever discuss is the "Peace, Can It Last? talk. (See my post on this page for some additional detail.)

  • blondie

    Thanks Bobcat for that very good summary of Rutherford's wavering position. In 1941, the WTS stated that humans were in the "remaining months before Armageddon." It has been 940 months since that statement.

    “Cartons of Children that had been deposited in The Arena were now opened,.... Receiving the gift, the marching children clasped it to them, not a toy or plaything for idle pleasure, but the Lord's provided instrument for most effective work in the remaining months before Armageddon.”
    from The Watchtower, September 15, 1941 page 288.

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