Did The Witnesses Predict the United Nations in Advance?

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    They did make a big deal out of that "prediction" in the "Public Discourse" at this year's District Crapvention.

    The speaker failed to clarify all the false predictions published by Batchtower Corp over the past 120 years.

  • Refriedtruth

    2012 is a 12 year cyclic peak sunspot plasma eject year which the worst in modern time was during the telegraph era the systems then got fried.

    If this happens again the satellites and many electronics are gone.WORST every power line transformer will be busted and will take two years to replace no jobs no electricity no power at gas station pumps no food refrigeration at supermarkets in North America.This would be apocalyptic indeed and the sunspot cycles happen every 12 years.One little burp from the sun totally fried the crude hardened old fashioned telegraph system a mere 140 years ago.

    So if i predict this end of the world every twelve years some time eventually I will get it right on time.

  • Cadellin

    btt What's particularly sad is that 1942 is approximately 70 years ago...

  • Vanderhoven7

    broken clock analogy st best

  • Bobcat

    The WT's "predictions" regarding the war also followed key points in the progress of WWII.

    "Face the Facts," which predicted a Nazi victory, came out before the Battle of Britain. Germany was successfully sweeping thru continental Europe. I think Face the Facts was delivered (as a talk) and published some time before France fell. So the next few years after Face the Facts came out must have made it seem an on-the-spot prediction.

    The prediction that the two sides would fight to a draw came out after Germany lost the Battle of Britain. This battle ended the Nazi westward movement in the war.

    As Leolaia said, "the claim made in 1942 that the Allies may win WWII is an about face of what was taught as recently as December 1941." 1941 was known as the "winter of the century." Prior to winter, Germany began what they called "Operation Barbarossa." This was the invasion of the Soviet Union, and it was spectacularly successful until winter bogged down the German advance. December was probably too early in winter to tell how it was going to affect Germany's advance into Russia.

    The "Peace - Can It Last?" talk came out in September 1942. But in the spring of 1942, the US won two major sea battles in the Pacific (Coral Sea & Midway).

    So, as far as WT war predictions go, we have:

    Axis will win (Face the Facts), while Germany is sweeping successfully thru mainland Europe.

    Axis & Allies will tie, (up to December 1941), while Axis westward movement is stopped, but eastward movement is in full swing. And Japanese have major victory in Pacific (Pearl Harbor) and are advancing unheeded.

    Allies will win, (Peace - Can It Last? Sept. 1942), after Nazi eastward and westward movment is stopped, and Japanese are being pushed back in the Pacific.

    As TD said in the opening post, "It would certainly be fair to say that Knorr (and no doubt Rutherford) was an interested observer of current events." That would account for the WT's "predictions."

  • Comatose

    So incredibly thankful for this site and you posters. TD, Leolaia, and Bobcat - thank you!

    When you are newly leaving, it's these types of "prophesies" which weigh on the mind the most. You've been taught your whole life they are prophesies. It makes it hard to leave. But, understanding this info you all have posted breaks you free.

  • freddo

    Bumped for a very good read ...

    Also my personal 2nd hand experience about what was taught in 1941.

    In 2015 I went to a funeral of a long time jw who was baptised in 1941. Born in 1918, married in 1939 and had her first child in 1941.

    The funeral speaker - who for a JW (along with the "what did she believe bit") gave a warm anecdotal talk about this well liked old lady - told a history of her life and background. All her children/grandchildren were there.

    When he got to WW2 he said her husband was in the British Army and had arranged for his wife and child to be evacuated from the city she lived in as it was often being bombed by German bombers.

    She studied with pioneers; was quickly convinced Armageddon was so close, she ran home to check her baby (being looked after by a neighbour) was safe.

    This was told by the speaker in a humorous but kind way as if the old sister had been gullible but nevertheless faithful.

    But reading the above posts it's obvious to me she just accepted what she was taught - in 1941 Britain she (and the pioneers who were repeating Rutherford and later Knorr's predictions) could have been forgiven for thinking WW2 would end in Armageddon.

    (After all her town was being bombed, her husband was away fighting in the war and for once "the sky is falling" was true!)

  • Dreamerdude
    Freddo, thanks for sharing the funeral experience. I can see how some can be manipulated in the same way this summer with the bunker videos.
  • Londo111
    Awesome information. It's amazing how much historical revisionism there is. This is what Robert Jay Lipton called mystical manipulation.
  • Diogenesister
    Am I going potty here or what? The League of Nations ( that became the United Nations )began in 1919 after WW one... so how is predicting the United Nations in 1942 or 1 in any way prescient ???

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