A bombshell about Judge Rutherford 1938 Royal Albert Hall London “Face the Facts”

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  • Maryo


    Judge Rutherford Is introduced by the speaker saying, “His preeminence in scriptural knowledge is beyond question. He speaks as a messenger of Jehovah.”

  • Finkelstein

    There was a lot of played out pretentiousness around this guy, all based upon proclaiming Christ has returned to save mankind, which he got from the previous leader of the WTS. . .

    He wasn't a bible scholar either, he was just an opportunistic con man /charlatan running the Watchtower Corporation Publishing house .

  • Bobcat

    In the talk, which was afterwards published as a booklet, he urged the Allies not to resist the Axis powers since, according to JFR's understanding of the scriptures, the Axis powers were destined to win the war. (Face the Facts, page 27, par. 1)

  • zeb

    R was outspoken in a negative way about the Jews so an axis win would have suited him.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    On page 7 of Face the Facts, Mr. Rutherfraud states the following "fact", (verbatim) -

    ",,,in order that they [my witnesses] may proclaim my name throughout the earth. (Exodus 9:16)"

    How could the (alleged) very first God-appointed & spirit-directed "faithful and discreet" slave misquote and misrepresent the Bible so willfully? The verse does not say what he said it did!

  • Maryo

    I find it amazing that the speaker introduces Rutherford by saying, “He speaks as a messenger of Jehovah.” I believe that nowadays they downplay and outrightly deny that such things were ever said; that they never claimed to be a prophet. I think some newcomer JWs would be really surprised by this. It is such a contradiction to the new statement that the FDS is neither inspired nor infallible!

  • blondie

    I remember in my research I stumbled over these things, found by accident that is. What surprised me was not that he said it, but so many members of the WTS did not have a lightbulb moment. If that isn't cult speech, I don't know what is, and it makes him more like the single leader of a cult characteristic that the WTS says a group has to have in order to be a cult, thus the WTS was a cult back then by their definition.

    After Fred Franz died, the cult around a single person knowing all or being the conduit finally died. Since the institution of the "elder" arrangement cut Fred's legs under. Now the GB members probably have many battles with each other as to who are the ones at Christ's left and right hand.

  • dropoffyourkeylee
    Listening to parts of it, I think Rutherford was reading directly from a manuscript. If so, I am a little surprised. They were still using that bombastic rhetoric into the seventies, as I recall.
  • BluesBrother

    Bobcat's comment above intrigued me so I googled it :

    "As Jehovah warned the people of

    J ermmlem, so today he warns the people of good

    will in "Christendom" in these words : 'lIe that

    abideth in this city [ organization of "Chri sten-

    dom"] shall die, but he that goeth out and fleeth

    to Christ shall live.' (.Teremiah 21 : 9 ; 88 : 2)

    "vVhy will ye die, thou and thy people, by the

    sword, by the famine, and by the pestilence, as

    the Lord hath spol�en against the nation that

    will not serve the king of Babylon �" --J e1'e-

    miah 27 : 13.

    The totaEtarian combine is going to get COll-

    trol of England and America. You cann ot pre-

    vent it. Do not try. Your safety is on the Lord's

    side ; hut there really will be hut a short time

    that the combine will hold sway, because it is

    written in the Lord's vVo rd, at 1 Thessalonians

    5: 3, that when this crowd says, 'vVe are now at

    peace an d safety,' the Lord sends sudden de-

    struction upon them, and they are at their ·wits'

    eud, and they shall find no way of escape. "

    Isn't the internet amazing sometimes?...........

  • Bobcat

    JFR thought that Germany was the scarlet beast of Rev 17. It had 'went into the abyss' in its defeat in WWI. And now (that is, the early part of WWII) it had come out. So, in his view, it was destined to be successful for "one hour" until it was done away with by God.

    The harlot riding the beast was thought to be 'Popery." (i.e. Catholicism)

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