Do you have a comfort dog?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, dog owners and lovers:

    Since I wrote "I Walk Dogs" a few days ago, I started caring for a new little fellow. Feisty and noisy, bouncing off the walls. I was a bit apprehensive at first, my needing to spend three nights with him during Mom and Dad's vacation.

    When I walked in on day one, the poochie greeted me noisily. After a few minutes, he calmed down and so did my worries. Tired from too much work and an overload of stress, I sat down on the couch and Curly jumped up and promptly went to sleep next to me. I couldn't move and risk waking him!

    Well, my usual perfunctory petting of generic "Fido" on other jobs went out the window. I looked for opportunities to sit and relax and not feel guilty for doing nothing. Curly needs me cuz he's got separation anxiety! No rushing to another routine task that, surely, can be done later -- if at all.

    Sit. Relax. Breathe. Pet the dog.

    Your thoughts and experiences are welcome. BTW, I knew of guide and service dogs, but comfort dogs was new to me.

  • LV101

    Coco - you are one patient dude! I'm without a dog at this time but did doggy-sit my adult child's dogs past several yrs. until they passed away past yr. I couldn't leave them alone -- they'd start barking and howling and I'd feel so bad driving out of the garage so I'd stop my life/stay home when I was fortunate enough to have them at my house. I've thought so much about adopting a dog but haven't yet. Love dogs!

    So how is all the "comfort" going your way - lol! I've heard the term "lap" dogs -- smaller dogs that sit in their master's lap and that are manageable - to pick up easily, etc. I usually have huge dogs - St. Bernards, but I love all dogs. One of my neighbors has a huge, beautiful, Great Pyranean (pyrenees) white dog. Most beautiful dog I've ever seen in my life. He's mammoth. I stopped to say hello one day and he stuck his huge head/neck in the passenger window all the way across to where I was in the driver's seat. Unreal!

    Have fun - just breathe.

  • stillin

    Separation anxiety is not something good, but having a friend is great! I have a couple of dogs and they're better than a lot of the people I've known; at calming me down, making me feel useful, and just messing around with a ball for the fun of it. They don't put on airs, lie to me or manipulate me.

    Too bad they don't live longer...

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, LV101 and stillin:

    Funny -- I'm patient with people but have not always been so with dogs, especially when demanding. As mentioned, it's just that I am so tired I let myself surrender to the dog. It WAS CALMING. I allowed it to be.

    I want to enjoy life, and dogs have become a daily -- yes, seven days a week -- concern. Might as well go with the flow and let the four-legged be the leader.

    Your experiences are very much appreciated.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Dogs are indeed amazing creatures! They're companionship and attachment to us is very beneficial for our health. There is no other animal quite like them. Man's Best Friend without doubt.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    Ooops! Sometimes as I type the sentence structure changes dramatically as it unfolds. Above "They're" should have come out "Their." Even when re-reading before clicking the "Post Reply" button I don't always catch the errors. Senior Moments are becoming more frequent. Thankfully, my dogs don't notice.

  • LV101

    "dogs don't notice" so true! Dogs love us unconditionally -- there's nothing in the world like it. Human love is 'conditional'. Dogs rule. I'm going to get one (or 2) as soon as construction is finished around here - too many doors/sliders being left open w/workmen and they might get out. Too many dogs get out with owners going crazy and there's coyotes, desert foxes and bobcats in my community. Coyotes are following neighbors walking their dogs - not good.

    Sounds like Coco is having a beautiful, relaxing, day.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Dogs are great...but my number one love are cats. I've never owned a dog, primarily because they need walking so much. It's a way of bonding. My cat goes on walls with us and doesn't need a leash. At night he sleeps by my head or climbs up on my shoulder to settle down.

    The worst thing about animals is having to put them down when they're too sick to recover. Everything I know about dawgs I learned in this video.

  • Diogenesister
    Still inToo bad they don't live longer..

    Yup. Totally. It destroys you when they pass.

    My old girl detected when my friend was about to have a grand mal fit. His first, so we didn't expect it. But she knew...she went bananas licking him, whining and trying to snuggle up to him...then BANG! It happened.

    my cat can smell my bad leg and now retracts her claws when we play...doesn't do it with anyone else and didn't do it to me until she thought me too unwell to "hunt"! She obviously thinks it not sporting; English cat that she is!

  • LV101

    Cold Steel - thanks for linking the video -- love it and what a beautiful dog and cats.

    Dio - dogs are so incredibly aware and smart - cats, too!

    I read a book by the most famous, successful, US thief, re/residential security and he said the best thing to have is a cat -- they know everything that's going on -- when someone is up close to the house, windows, etc., and are right there watching. My friend's cat jumps on her bed at night to warn her of any strange noises or anything unusual.

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