Do you have a comfort dog?

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  • smiddy3

    Nobody loves you like a dog does except maybe a cat.

    We had a toy poodle that my wife bought as a pup,I wasn`t that keen at first ,however gradually that dog bonded with me and I with her.After a couple of years a teenage cat adopted us and both of them stayed with us for about 16-17 years until we had to put them down because of old age and illness .

    I never want to go through that heartache/heartbreak again I was a wreck

    "R.I.P. Lilly and Daisy" as I type this tears are flowing down my face and it`s been a few years since their passing..

    Thanks for this post coCo

  • LV101

    Their illnesses/euthanizations/deaths are too much to go through again -- it's an issue.

  • SAHS

    TO “Old Navy”:

    Don’t worry! You were spot on. I think that everyone should be like our furry, loveable dog companions: simple, unpretentious, and always lovable.

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away

    Coco, I absolutely have a comfort dog! I got Emma when she was five months old and trained her myself. She is nine now and is my constant companion. I traned her as a therapy dog, so that i could take her to the nursing home to visit my mom with me. It felt safer. Last year my therapist suggested I look into having her trained to be my service dog to help with my PTSD. We are truly bonded, and she is so smart, so it only took about four months working with a trainer to work on public access skills. Now I can take her anywhere the public is allowed except an operating room. She is a tremendous support and a real snuggle bunny.

    If you really want a laugh, Google "Sad Cat Diary" and Sad Dog Diary".


  • LV101

    How interesting about Sail's comfort dog, Emma. So many people are taking their dogs everywhere today and they're so well trained/behaved. That's better than leaving them behind worrying about them. I'm going to get one as soon as I can.

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