Dinner plans canceled because "I need to talk to the elders". Huh?

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  • Darkknight757

    So this past week the wife and I have received several phone calls and text messages from our old hall. We were also invited out to dinner to catch up with some old friends. An hour before dinner this guys wife messaged my wife and said that she "can't wait for tonight!!"

    So we get to the restaurant and they are late. 10 minutes after getting there we get a call and the guy says that they cannot come. I said it's ok we can try again another time. He says no that I need to "talk to the elders". 😳

    Apparently these people are spreading rumors about some offense committed without my knowledge. And apparently this offense is so bad that we can't even have a meal with them!! Rude people.

  • Tameria2001
    If it were me, I would call the elders to see what rumor is going on about me that would cause someone to stand me up for a meal. Something similar happened to my husband, before we were married. There was a nasty rumor going on about him, dating some worldly girl. Apparently I was the worldly girl that he was dating. When the elders found out that this worldly girl was a regular pioneer, and a member of the Kansas Electrical Crew (in building kingdom halls). The old women who were spreading this nasty rumors didn't know who I was and just assumed what they did. They didn't have the courage to come up to me and talk to me in person to find out who I really was. It was quite funny watching them in the hot seat with the elders.
  • redpilltwice

    Welcome to the spiritual paradise... rude indeed! And remember that in paradise, these guys will be ruling as princes for justice itself.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Tell your "friends" that there's no need for elders at the moment.

    Ask them to consider Matthew 5:23,24, Pro. 20:19; & 1 Tim. 5:13, and to explain why they are judging you on what is clearly slanderous and malicious gossip.

    They claim to be living their lives according to scriptures - use the scriptures and let them prove it to you!

  • hoser

    Why are you even considering these people as your friends?

    Before the dinner one of them probably mentioned to a jw they were going for dinner with you. The jw probably said you are bad association because you did this or that.

    Enjoy the company of your wife and forget about these people.

  • Tallon

    As Hoser commented above; ... 'Enjoy the company of your wife and forget about these people'.

  • pale.emperor

    I think you had a lucky escape there. They sound like terrible dinner guests anyway.

  • tiki
    1. They bugged out....did you a favor, actually....conditional friends are not really friends anyway...
  • slimboyfat

    The most annoying thing is these people probably consider themselves righteous for behaving this way. As if it is a merit to treat other people like dirt in the service of some undefined rule and associated shunning.

  • Chook

    Just tell the self righteous bastards to pray for you.

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