The urgent, lifesaving work of Jehovah's witnesses......hardly!!

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  • Finkelstein

    JW for most parts are sociopathic in that what they do is for themselves their personal stature (10 Hours), self adoration and guilt imposed obligation to the Org. etc.

    That little bit of work they do is aslo about making assertive appeasement to Jah for who knows that Armageddon might come any day now , right brothers and sisters ?

  • RayoFlight2014

    Thanks to all so far for your responses.

    It's very telling that we, all around the world, are seeing the same decline in knowledge, passion and regularity in the preaching work.

    If I'm not mistaken, back in the 70's and 80's we felt and conveyed a sense of such urgency that was not only reflected in our coverage of the territory but also in the way it would annoy or upset the public.

    These days most people have the police come to their door more often than the witnesses.

    If you haven't lost interest in this topic, stay tuned for the next encounter that I will share as time permits. I personally found it interesting to say the least.


  • Finkelstein

    It would appear there many JWS who accept that the end really isn’t that pressing as it used to be, but nevertheless are morally obligated to be active in service etc . to keep a good standing in the congregation.

    Appearances are very important in the JWS religion

  • Dagney

    I've had a confusing few weeks, set off by the suicide of a brother, former friend/elder. It was tragic beyond words. Even though I've been out 18 years, we were good friends for all the years I was in, and always kind the few times I saw him after.

    I attended the memorial. What is AH-mazing to me is most everybody there was absolutely GUNG HO! Most regular pioneering, applications for Paterson/Walkill you name it. Trips to international, one brother told me he is moving to Europe and he is in till the bitter end.

    So I had to think about this...yes they are active in the cart work etc., but there is no emphasis on any life saving work. No, it is loyalty to the organization, being faithful, and it is a HUGE social gathering.

    It's so different. Ugh.

  • Finkelstein

    Another sad story of a person associated with the JWS committing suicide.

    Hear this too many times.

    Yes it's just a social club (cult) and even more, its a family, people who are not in this club are not family, evil no good swine. worthy to be destroyed by the Almighty one.

    It isn't clearly understood why so many people commit suicide who were associated with this religoius organization. ???

    It might be that they just cant define themselves to who they really are or should be because the WTS's deep psychological indoctrination blurs that potential of self awareness and identity.

  • Dagney

    In this case it was years of struggling with depression. Seems by the video shown he was very active and happy in the ministry. But the struggle was more than he could bear, and it hit everybody very hard. It's been a very sad time.

    But I'm thinking maybe since they just had their regional they were on a particular high, some just returned from internationals. Seriously gung ho though...but I think it's for being in the social club, not any great witness they participate in.

  • RayoFlight2014


    Another encounter, this time it was Will and an older gentleman by the name of Cliff who likes history, front wheel drive vehicles and has a 'Toy' open top car.

    I asked Cliff where he thought the myth concerning the Greek god Zeus was copied from.

    Cliff made the claim that the Greek myths of Zeus and such originated with the bible account of Nephilim, angels who cohabited with women.

    He also left the book "Mankind's search for god".

    It appears Will does not recognise me or remember our last conversation, and he said as much.


    Cliff returned today and spoke about trinity, walking by sight and faith, bible timeline, 7 times, showed me a timeline chronology graph he had drawn up to show another h/h with 607bce as the date of the destruction of Jerusalem, and he mentioned returning with the booklet " gods word or mans?".

    I told Cliff that I was doing a bit of religious research as a matter of academic interest and I didn't trust the bible as an authority but was interested in finding where the bible contains historical truth with verifiable proof.

    He wasn't able to provide anything other than watchtower approved material, and when I told him his explanation wasn't to my satisfaction he proceeded to feign banging his head on the brick wall at my door.

    I really didn't want to push him on his points although I could have, I felt it was better just to listen rather than comment without being proficient on the subject.


    Cliff returned with the book; "gods word or mans?" Due to time constraints we were unable to converse other than general niceties.


    Cliff came around today with Damian? Where we discussed many subjects relative to Mormonism, Seventh day Adventists, Catholicism, integrity to truth, research methods and so on.

    Now here's the interesting part:

    Cliff asked me if I had any Questions I would like to ask before they left.

    So I asked both of them if they knew what the Reasoning book had to say on page 200.

    Their response was... no, so I suggested they try looking it up.

    They both got their devices out and attempted to access the Reasoning book on jworg.

    They were unsuccessful. I mentioned they may not be able to find it on jworg, perhaps it has gone out of print?

    Me: Well guys, why don't you make a note; page 200. Reasoning from the scriptures. Let me know your thoughts on what it says there, after you've have time to ponder for yourselves, once you find it of course.

    Cliff askes: Can you give me one or two words to describe the subject ?

    Me: Last days....

    We shook hands and then they were gone.
    It will be interesting to see if Cliff has a truthful explanation for that little doozy.


    Cliff returned again, this time with a young lady. He announced he had done some research on my question regarding what the Reasoning book had to say about the last days, on page 200.

    Me: Ok, great what is your take on it ?

    Cliff: The watchtower has changed its view on the generation teaching as New Lite has been discovered that showed that the generations actually overlap.

    Me: Well, then that could allow for the overlapping generation to potentially overlap indefinitely, and we would all be long dead before we could rightly say that the generation had in fact passed away.

    Cliff: The generation that overlaps is limited to those who were born prior to 1914 and saw the events happen- And the lives of those who were born after 1914 but before the death of the last of the ones who saw those events.

    I'm getting up in years as you can see, therefore it cannot be long now.

    Me: What then, if the new generation teaching is wrong?....and that overlapping generation does die?

    Cliff: Then we have a problem...

    Me: Time will tell Cliff.
    But I suggest there is the very real possibility when the new generation teaching fails they will deny they ever taught that and make it sound as though it was a few rogue brothers or overly zealous ones who promoted such an erroneous teaching.

    -----At this point I was interrupted by my wife who doesn't like having Jws standing at our door for too long. Just in case the neighbours get the wrong idea we might be interested in becoming cult members.-----

    So we shook hands again and they were gone.... I haven't had a visit since from the door to door lifesavers; the only Jws I have encountered thereafter are family and their friends who are nice people just like the rest of us.

    And again, going by the frequency of the preaching work and methods used to present this 'good news' that no-one can remember, how can anyone proclaim it as a lifesaving urgent work??


  • Finkelstein

    Yes JWs are preaching but preaching a false apostate gospel made up by cult like religious publishing house. (WTS)

    Would either Jehovah or Jesus approve ? hardly

  • redvip2000

    I like reading about encounters with Jdubs. There really should be more posts about those situations.

    Well done.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Speaking of JW suicides:

    I heard of a very active, well known JW elder...circuit assembly parts in Southern California...married...a number of weeks ago up & commits suicide.

    I heard of another JW brother, also from Southern California who a few weeks ago committed suicide.

    So much for urgent life saving work among Jehovah's Witnesses!

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