highlights from Circuit Overseer Guidelines

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  • LV101

    lol/"KissHisRing" - good one! Poor guy probably died hungry. I thought all that walking in service was good exerciseo. Guess there's nothing positive about that cult.

  • hoser

    I was only ever at one baptism talk where there were no baptized. I felt sorry for the brother giving the talk.

  • Listener

    Hoser, why did you feel sorry for the Brother giving the talk? Don't you think he felt it was a great privelage to be asked to do it at an assembly?

  • hoser

    You could tell he was really uncomfortable giving the talk with no one to baptize. This was when i believed more than I do now.

    I think that they should cancel the talk if no one shows to be baptized.

  • Listener

    I'm happy that they keep it in as it highlights the fact that fewer are getting baptised thes days.

    I am surprised that an Elder giving the talk would be embarrassed and if it was noticeable, I'd be more surprised if he was asked to give it again at another assembly.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    nowwhat said " ...Co wives should only speak when spoken to. A women can run for president or prime minister but in jw land are not permitted to operate a projector!"

    They should compensate their wives with a large supply of liquor. Tony Morris can explain how that works.

  • Diogenesister
    Iwantoutnow I was left on my own. My PO took most of the crap, since he also approved it, and he had to read a Letter at a Meeting stating how Sorry we were for doing it.

    The PO has to go on bended knee in front of the cong for agreeing to a family group - something for families shock horror - that was actually successful.

    Disgusting. Yet no high up says sorry for allowing child abuse to flourish, or lying to members about donations.

    It's all arse-about-face!!!

  • stillin

    Data-Dog, "idiocracy!" I love it! So true that the best and brightest would eventually leave. (I think many of them pass through here)

    Here's another social structure that works for the JW's: mediocracy. Don't shine too brightly or you'll be called in on the carpet.

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