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  • BluesBrother

    "if there are no baptismal candidates present when he asks for these to stand, there is no need to ask the two questions or to say the prayer"

    Oh boy! .
    I can just imagine the poor speaker asking the q, and nobody standing up. Do they have to be told not to proceed with baptism ritual?

  • blondie

    Can you imagine having to tell the overrighteous brothers in charge not to ask the questions and say a prayer. I think they mean the after the baptism talk, since no prayer is offered after the morning session anyway.

    Usually, in the last circuit I was in, they scarfed up a baptismal candidate from the other nearby circuit to get baptized at the other to prevent a public embarrassment.

  • WTWizard

    And why would someone be morbidly obese in the first place? Usually, it is because of lousy metabolism, which is caused by not exercising enough, too many crash diets, or nutritional deficiencies. Someone that is so fat that they would stumble someone if given a part is also so unhealthy that they might have a heart attack during the part, which would be far worse. They need reasonable exercise, a sensible diet (and no crash diets that will only make things worse), and supplements. Iodine supplements would help, and since most of us are deficient in magnesium (and a deficiency there can cause heart problems), I would start there.

    What about the structure of the religion that can make one fat, or keep someone fat or make them even fatter? Most of their "exercise" consists of driving to a call or several calls, sitting in on studies, and sitting in boasting sessions. They might walk short distances in field circus, but never the brisk walking they need. If they go to any organized program to get in shape, the hounders will nag them about that. And the pious-sneer diet consists of too much "phude" at McDonalds every day. Hardly what I would recommend for anyone, let alone someone that is morbidly obese.

    And what about sleep? What sleep? Do they really need all those boasting sessions or to get that 200 hours of field circus every month, plus work several part time jobs? A lack of sufficient sleep helps keep many of those jokehovians fat, or make them fatter than they otherwise would have been. Not to mention, every time something actually works, it is usually associated with martial arts or a pagan ritual--both are banned. How can anyone lose even a small amount of weight if most effective exercises are banned, as is yoga?

  • Vidiot
    neat blue dog - "...legalistic coldness..."

    Par for the course when you've crafted a bazillion rules to keep the membership in lockstep...

    ...the rules become the end rather than the means, and the only way to keep that many rules is leaving human warmth at the curb.

  • blondie

    Well, now we see behind the curtain...though many of us have seen. I knew a brother who had the weight thing applied to him and the BOE slowly removed everything, making him just a figurehead or a cypher. Then he started losing weight and everyone was happy for him, he had cancer and would die 4 months later. Better dead than fat.

    At the same time, Brother KissHisRing was heavier than this brother and nothing done to him.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    bro KissHisRing---lol. that has a somewhat different meaning in the UK

  • blondie


    Amazing how a few words in "english" take on a different meaning and still are valid.

  • minimus

    Better dead than fat. Great observation for those in the Organization.

  • ScenicViewer
    If there is any doubt about an experience, it should not be used.

    Like anything having to do with Andre.

    Of course COs didn't make him up, the Organization did.

    On occasion, circuit overseers have related experiences that were inaccurate or fictitious.

    I wonder where COs learned to do that. The leaders of this religion should take their own advice.




    Any organization that has so many arbitrary rules is going to alienate their best and brightest. They won’t attract anyone from the outside that has any type of intelligence, and if you happen to be born into the organization you’re going to wake up and leave if you have any self-esteem and intelligence.

    That just leaves behind and Idiocracy, so is it any wonder their “best” are not great??


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