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  • scratchme1010

    I know there are some who will comment they got what they deserved. You have that right. I know there are some who will question why I still live over one thousand miles away. You also have that right, and I have my reasons. All I can say for now is I hope that IF there is a god he will payback ten-fold the misery these hypocrite JW's have heaped on my parents, and now my father!

    I'm so sorry to hear this story. It makes me very sad and think about my own parents who have the same way of thinking and acting.

    In my opinion, anyone who may think that they deserve that is just not educated on the things that brainwashing and negative influence make people do. Please know that there's not a lot that one can do once they are set to do everything around that organization. They seem like very good people and at least had the wisdom to invest in their future. I guess they didn't buy into the 1975 nonsense, since they both worked and provided for their families.

    It is just heartbreaking see this happening. Know that yours are not the only parents in that same boat, victimized by the WT, and further victimized by sick amoral people in their so-called congregation.

  • zeb

    firstly my condolences.

    Alzheimers is a dreadful thing and only recently have treatments come out that are making headways on this condition.

    Try and see that your dad has somewhere near a good diet as it is a common thing that when one loses a partner as he has they tend to go to a diet of a biscuit and a coffee. Is there a community nurse that can drop in on him?

    Is there a 'meals on wheels' that will bring him a regular cooked meal?

    Jeff T advice on a will is vital, vital please take up some sound professional advice on the matter of your dads making a will as with the departing of his wife the will picture has changed.

    ....can you affiord to fly dad to your place for a break or you to his? just thoughts.

    see pm

  • Crazyguy

    Unfortunately a religion that's only about works and recruitment as the main work this is what happens. People live thier lives in the cult and give their all but when they can finally do no more do to age or sickness they are forgotten.

    My father was a good guy finally became an elder and was the elder most would go to with their problems but he got booted do to political crap in the elder body. He later had to move because of his health. When he died only a handful of people from his hall even showed up for his funeral, hell my nieghbor's who only knew him from when he came over to my house showed up!!!

    Again this religion uses people up and kicks them to the curb when they can't perform anymore.

  • smiddy

    You have every right to rant because of the way your parents have been treated serving this cult religion ,its just a pity your father is still a captive.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Sorry about the loss of your mother. Sorry about your father discovering so late in life that he wasted so much of it serving a heartless corporation. At least you know better. Take care of your dad and keep any of his assets as far away as possible from the Watchtower's vultures.


    FedUpJW - its one of those accounts which makes me want to take a baseball bat and enter the KH and cause mayhem - due to pure indignation and irritation !

    Our own faithful and kind mother was buried in August 1016 - she had been bedridden due to PSP for the last 4 years of life.

    NOT ONE visit in that time by the Eldubs ! And NOT ONE visit by the sisterhood at all -

  • FedUpJW

    THANK YOU everyone for your thoughts. Today much of what needs to be done for my father will be done. I have, I believe, sheltered his finances and property now from the GB(greedy bastards) who would rob widows and orphans.

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