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  • FedUpJW

    Please excuse me for long-winded ranting. I know, as do most of us here that "love" is not something that the JDub's are known for except in their deluded, feeble minds.

    I can handle their hypocrisy when it is directed at me, but when it is aimed at family who for decades have genuinely been the type of JW that the Watchtower presents to the public, and when it is motivated by pure hate, THEN I get pissed!

    My mother was dunked in the 1940's and my father in the 1950's. My father held positions of responsibility at all levels of JWdom up to the district level. My mother was a full-time pioneer. On top of that they were the picture of hospitality and generosity. Their home was always open to those who found themselves in need. Their ears ready to listen and not judge. Their shoulders ready to support a sad and crying person. In all ways they were the epitome of what a true follower of Jesus should be. They were also the best parents any child could have. IMO.

    On top of all that they WORKED. My mom was self-employed, my father was employed by a international corporation. Both invested wisely and lived below their means. As a result they had finances to travel locally and internationally, to gift their children when needed, and to anonymously gift others, including those who were not JW's. As an example they read about a poor family whose three year old daughter had died. That family had no way to provide a decent burial for her. My parents paid for the entire cost of the funeral and burial, anonymously. Even though because of jealousy and pettiness my father had been booted out as an eldurr he and my mother purchased outright land for a new kingdom hall, which due to infighting on the eldurr body was never built, the land sold and the money sent to New York. They saw nothing for their efforts.

    As a direct result of the unchristian idiot actions in that area they moved. Once again, late in life they began the climb up the JW ladder of acceptance in their new location. This was not done in any way to gain recognition for themselves. It was the "natural" result of their still living as Christlike Christians.

    Sadly though as they aged and slowed down all those good qualities were for nothing any longer. My mother developed Alzheimer's related dementia and as one eldurr told me, "is an embarrassment to the congregation. It would be nice if she just went to sleep and died in her sleep."

    Because my father lovingly took care of her himself, instead of institutionalizing her, he once again was booted to the curb as being too old and not "putting kingdom interests first." A result of the caregiver stress was that he got short tempered with people, especially those phony JW's who couldn't be bothered to lift a finger to ease his burden, but sure could point those fingers at him when he didn't make a meeting, or get enough hours in the recruitment work.

    Neither one of them bought into the tablet craze. For that they were ridiculed as being behind the times and not keeping up with Gee-HO-vahs chariot. They were further ostracized. At that tiime my mother in one of her lucid moments made the comment, "If this JW religion was around in the forties I NEVER would have become one!" At that time my father also shut off the money faucet and quit contributing.

    Now just recently my mother died. After more than sixty years together my father is alone. While I do all I can it is a real irritation to see those oh-so-loving HYPOCRITES drive by my parents home on the way to worship their God at their kingdom hall ONLY FOUR BUILDINGS away from my parents home and NEVER smile, wave, or stop! NEVER a phone call inquiring as to how my now grieving, elderly father is doing. As he said he could die and no one from the hall would know or care!

    I know there are some who will comment they got what they deserved. You have that right. I know there are some who will question why I still live over one thousand miles away. You also have that right, and I have my reasons. All I can say for now is I hope that IF there is a god he will payback ten-fold the misery these hypocrite JW's have heaped on my parents, and now my father!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Evidently(tm) your parents have not bequeathed all of their remaining assets to the Watchtower Gobble Society, because had they done so, the Eldubs would have been counseled (by the CO or higher) to give them the assistance and attention that they deserve. You could encourage your father to do so now, and they would be at his beckon call, but obviously(tm) your greed and selfish motives are that YOU get all of the inheritance. [For the slow learners, this is satire. Don't take that comment seriously.]

    The point is, the WTS/JWs have concluded that they have gotten all they are going to get from your parents -- both in free labor and financially -- so they will move on to fleece others. But yes, it's sooo sad for an older JW to realize that they no longer have any value to the bOrganization that they have loved and trusted for decades.

    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

    I do hope you are getting your "revenge". . . . Doc

  • StephenMyers

    Thanks for your rant. Sorry you have lost your mother. I think it's very eye opening how JWs treat the elderly and weak, I hope your dad finds some comfort from outside JWs and wakes up. It's good to rant.

  • GrreatTeacher

    The problem with a works based religion is that you can never stop working and retire.

    This is a problem when you physically can no longer keep up and have to "retire."

    In the world, when you retire, you get a pension.

    In the JWs, you get insults and contempt for being so "weak" as to actually age, get sick, slow down and become unable to participate.

  • FedUpJW

    Thank you! I do see that the will left over one-third of their collective estate to the greedy bums in New York.

    THAT was the problem...it was only one-third, not 100%. (Sarcasm also)

    As for my dad, he has pretty well quit meetings, assemblies are a thing of the past as are conventions. He referred to Matthew 15: 8 as the reason. He and my mother were so close I really do not expect him to even live out the summer. He has gone down hill rapidly in just the last few weeks.

    As for me, I do not really believe that I will see either one of them again. Death is just an end. No heaven, no hell, no resurrection. Just nothingness. So nothing to fear. Thanks JW's for f--king that hope up too with your constant changes in doctrine and pettiness.

  • StephenMyers

    So sorry about this, seems such a waste of their lives to end them like this

  • Finkelstein

    The commercial con job known as the Watchtower Corporation will continue and so will the self supporting lies and corruption which built it.

    Rich people who are JWS get demeaned by the poor JWS for being materialistic and therefore they are unrighteous.

    If you happen to be in a congregation made up of mostly poor people, you can expect the rich to be looked down upon by the poor ones who will try to over shadow those rich JWS.

    Inside each Congregation there is a constant competitiveness among its members as to who's more righteous than the other, who's more worthy for elder positions etc.. that's why there's boasting and gossiping and all the rest.

  • dubstepped

    FedUp, my heart hurts just reading that. The lack of real love is what first woke me up. Of course, I had to start reading books on emotional abuse and narcissism to learn that what I knew my whole life was NOT real love. The "love" that JWs show is so abusive and just disgusting to me now.

    Your parents didn't deserve any of that. They showed real love, or at least in instances they seemed to, by reaching out and doing things for others, helping them with real help, not a damn propaganda filled book. There are sincere people that know love that are stuck in that pathetic cult. It only makes it harder to watch. I'm so sorry.

  • justme

    i am so sorry to read that about your parents, they seemed so lovely & def deserved better than that, i agree,some witnesses can come off so phony that it reeks off of them,i have known a few like that & it's such a turn off, thanks for sharing your story, you're not alone, i am sure many others have experienced what you have written as well. i am sorry about the loss of your mom too...all the best to you & your dad

  • tiki

    Outrageous ...just outrageous. So sad for your father....you have every right to rant. They as a group have no idea what compassion and kindness are.....

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