$10 per pub. Money begging session last night

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  • RichardHaley
    Back in the late 80s the a and b circuits here opted out and rented a building at the local fairgrounds rather than travel the extra 90-150 miles to the ah. The rental was less than half of what was charged for the ah. there was more work as far as setup involved and sound wasn't as good but other than that all went well. After that the circuits were accused of not going along with "the arrangement" and told to get back in line with "theocratic order." Currently it is 12k for one day.
  • elderINewton

    At each assembly now the watchtower has a per publisher add on that goes back to them. I think its about 8-10/publisher. I think 8 in the US and 10 in Canada. This in turn is added onto the cost of running the assembly hall. Thus the reason the 10k days are now 20k days.

    I remember the letter read during elders meetings trying to explain this blatant gouge.

  • Incognito

    Most if not all of the existing AHs were paid for through separate specific donations made by JWs in each circuit, donated before and during the AH construction. If WT had provided any funding, it would have been as a mortgage to make-up for any shortfall in the initial fund raising.

    In the past, each circuit maintained its own financial accounts. Often, even after sending a substantial (voluntary) donation to WT, there was surplus which carried over to the next CA and was added to whatever was donated at that assembly. If an assembly received less donations, perhaps due to local economic issues, the carried-over surplus usually made-up for any shortfall.

    It was a relatively good system until WT became greedy and demanded all money each circuit held in surplus. Now, a large donation to WT is built into the rate per publisher. If there does happen to be additional funds realized beyond the publisher's daily rate, that too is sent to WT as an additional donation. Calling the expense 'maintenance' or an 'assembly hall expense', is in reality, misrepresentation.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think in the short term donations will increase as each publisher feels it's their duty to support J's organization. But, in the long term donations will decrease simply due to the typical jw apathy and lack of money from a mostly uneducated group of followers.

    I suspect the donations are already down -- way down. They will continue to look "OK" on the reports because elders and MS will be pressured to dig down deeper and show their love for the Kingdom by making up the difference, but these guys and their families can only do that for the short term.

    In my experience, going back 20 years ago as the Acct Servant & and later an elder, only 10% of the members are giving 90% of the money. When we had a month of bad "revenue", it was evident that the elders & MS families were giving less than $50/month average. Most pubs figure someone else is going to carry it or that everyone else is better off and will carry them.


  • slimboyfat

    Maybe it will reduce contributions. There will probably be a few who never contributed much at all who will be guilted into contributing $10. But perhaps there will be others who habitually contributed more than that who will reduce their contribution to $10. Plus others who make various excuses for themselves for not being able to afford it. Plus people who no longer believe in JWism who won't give a dime. Plus others who still partly believe but who are sick of being prompted for money.

    Overall I think it might swing to a negative for contributions, especially as donation exhortation fatigue sets in.

  • steve2
    It would be easier for the GB to bring in new light and introduce tithing as a requirement of all baptised publishers. Then when brothers don't cough up the 10%, hammer 'em hard with Scripture and Policy.
  • Grey Goose
    Grey Goose

    They trying to institute tithing without calling it tithing.

    Almost how they believe in the rapture, but don't call it rapture.

    Almost how they believe in the After Life, without calling it the After Life.

    Almost like how they condemn greediness, when they themselves are greedy.

    Like how they condemn TV preachers, when they themselves are TV preachers.

    JWs are a tithing religion, but they just don't call it tithing.

    If it becomes policy to donate a percentage of one's income, that is my cue to leave.

  • Ding

    Remember when "Jehovah's organization" didn't ask for money like those evil churches of Christendom?

    New light...

  • ShirleyW

    $10 per pub? THey're gonna get between 850Million and 1Billion for their Brooklyn property according to the New York Times and they want ten dollar per publisher? How can they seriously ask for that with that article out their and you know the Dubs will read anything if it involves them so I"m sure they saw that article. If they still get the ten dollars from everyone then put me on the list of the GB so I can collect.

  • Gorbatchov

    ShirleyW, the 1 billion is an one time revenue, the WTS wants income for the long term.

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