$10 per pub. Money begging session last night

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  • OneEyedJoe

    The last assembly I went to we were quoted $11 per publisher as the rate the society had set.* So $10 per publisher on top of whatever was received at the assembly seems really high. It must vary from region to region - do you know what the supposed cost of the last assembly was and what the announced deficit was?

    *I've posted about this on here before but it always cracks me up to think about. The man that gave the accounts report was from my former congregation and is well known for being a little "simple" to put it nicely. So he gets up to do the accounts report and announces that the society has seen fit to raise the per-publisher rate of our assembly that they use to determine the assembly's cost. Because they had raised the cost to $11 per publisher, and there where x publishers the cost we were expected to cover was y. The way he explained it, he made it clear as day that the "expenses" of the assembly had absolutely nothing to do with the actual cost of maintaining the building and turning on the lights, etc. I don't think this is typically common knowledge among JWs, and something tells me he won't be doing the accounts report again.

  • Pistoff

    David also loved adultery, fornication and murder. David was filth.

    Amen, preach, Brother Punk.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Obviously there are expenses associated with owning a building including ongoing operations and maintenance. Setting aside additional funds for improvements (replacing carpet, etc) also make perfect sense. So, coming up with a rent to charge each circuit is the easiest way to administer it. And since each circuit varies in size, figuring out a total annual cost and dividing by the number of publishers is a simple easy way of allocating costs.

    The problem I see is that the WTS gets a cut from each CA. I would bet that's where the increase is coming from. Also, at the AH around here, they've spent tons of money on large flat screen TVs and posted them all around. It's not that big of a building, I find them distracting and don't really need to see Brother Sweats a lot in close up HD!

    So they are wasteful with the donated funds and then send a large amount to the WTS who is really turning these events into more of a money maker than they already were.

    And the rank and file JW is starting to notice the money grab. I don't think many will do anything about it but it's another straw on the camels back.

  • Lostandfound

    Doubting Bro. Agreed

    at every CA the elders,set and resolve (where did they get this authority?) an amount to "donate" to the WT NS if after all expenses the fu d is short, then they get every congregation to contribute to the shortfall.

    No taxation without representation springs to mind here, by what right do elders put the circuit into debt? Actually not elders but they are led by the CO and circuit hierarchy, I opposed one such resolution as a form of taxation and very quickly became a pariah in the circuit.

  • DesirousOfChange

    what right do elders put the circuit into debt?

    The elders really have nothing to do with it other than the obligatory raise of hands to approve what has already been decided by the CO, the WTS appointed Assm Hall Mgr, and the suck-ups on the "Assm Hall Committee" who are all appointed by the CO. The DECISION has already been made as directed by WT HQ. See how long an elder remains an elder if he questions anything about it. STFU and say Aye!


  • slimboyfat
    If the average assembly hall holds around 1000 people and is used most weekends of the year, then at $10 per person they'd rake in nearly $1,000,000 a year. Even if you cut that in half for over generous assumptions it's surely many times the amount required for upkeep.
  • TheListener
    I think in the short term donations will increase as each publisher feels it's their duty to support J's organization. But, in the long term donations will decrease simply due to the typical jw apathy and lack of money from a mostly uneducated group of followers.
  • ToesUp
    Tithing...coming SOON!
  • ToesUp
  • tornapart
    When Jesus collected money he collected it to give to the poor.

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