$10 per pub. Money begging session last night

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  • TipsyMangoTea
    Just curious, how are the newly installed TVs in assembly halls purchased? Are they bought from the nearest electronic store by the local branch or allocated from an ordered supply from that country's Bethel? I don't remember what the brand of the screens are from our hall, but I was wondering if they all come from the same company. Do religious organizations get bulk discounts for this stuff?
  • WTWizard

    They are getting zero from me. And I mean zero. Where I live and at this time, this amount of money is enough to buy at least 7 silver dimes, or 2 quarters and two dimes. For those who would rather have fun, this is enough for a pizza and 2 liters of pop, or several movie rentals. If you have three or 4 publishers in your family, the money could go toward Pokemon X or Y, or some other similar game. And don't forget the ice cream.

    As far as time goes, it is more of a waste of time. They bash worldly people for having a hectic lifestyle, with all the sun-worship shopping and having to juggle work, school, movies, recreation, and necessary shopping. But, this is nothing compared to the life of a pious-sneer. They get up before daybreak, have to waste time going to field circus, stop for lunch (probably the most unhealthy crap they could eat--worse than a candy bar), go back in field circus, and run around town for those calls. Then they need to get ready for the boasting session (at least the movie on Netflix is at home, with no dress up). For these a$$emblies, they waste the whole weekend. One day for the event, the other on field circus.

    I think I would rather stick with the worldly lifestyle and "waste" my money worshiping the sun and/or buying silver that the jokehovian witlesses cannot touch.

  • StarTrekAngel

    The amount is per publisher. I am assuming that if you corner them they would say the amount is "per each baptized publisher" but you know that if you have a job and are indoctrinated enough, you will take the talk to heart and donate, even if you are not baptized.

    The other elder clarified that the amount was per day of assembly and not just for one assembly. The announcement was made because we have an assembly coming up next weekend. It is a one day assembly and so I guess he was afraid that people would understand that as long as they dropped 10 bucks at each assembly, they would be ok. The idea is now that you are supposed to drop 10 bucks for each day of each assembly you attend.

    Like I said in my original posting, they were not technically demanding the money but rather suggesting. Off course, that is the legalistic understanding. However, you know the message is very clear... we are not saying you need to put $10 bucks or more, we are just saying is going to cost $10 bucks. Do what you can, but really, $10 bucks is what we need. Not that you need to feel obligated, but remember the Jehovah loves the cheerful giver. If you can only give $1, Jehovah sees what is in your heart and he will bless you. But you know, sisters are always trying to get that new dress for each assembly, even though they still have dresses with tags in their closets. If they would just use that one dress and spare the expense, they could actually contribute the whole amount. No that we care what you do with your money, but your kids eat enough ice cream as is. Anyway brother, no pressure. Just give what you can.

    The Hall is in La Feria, Texas. It can hold around 6000 people. My understanding is that during the summer assemblies, the hall is used summer round. Now that we have one day assemblies, it gets used twice every weekend. My understanding is that it is already paid for.

    Past assemblies have run about $8000 a day. In my congregation alone there is 90 baptized publishers. Not sure if the amount will go up now.

    Stephen Lett is supposed to be present at our next summer assembly. Who know what the price will be then.

  • sir82

    Elders are instructed to keep the $10 figure confidential.

    A typical assembly hall will hold 2000 people. That's $20,000 per day, $40,000 for a weekend.

    Being conservative, and assuming the assembly hall is use 40 weekends a year, that $1,600,000 per year. If it is in use 50 weekends per year that is $2,000,000 per year.

    That's a heck of an electric bill!

    As others have said, it is nothing more than (yet another) shameless money grab.

  • Crazyguy
    Its amazing more elders don't wake up when they hear this kinda crap at their meeting, then they listen as the r&f are lied to.
  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Will probably get some down votes but I always pay my way in anything I do, just fair play. I have no issues paying $10 a day that goes towards covering expenses. But now that I no longer support the WTBTS in any way shape or form they get none of it, simple. But the underhanded income - deficit statements they would announce always struck me as manipulative because well, they are.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    When they say We're so blessed to have this assembly hall, I remember thinking, How are we blessed? This doesn't help in our life; we can't come and stay here or have our family travel here and stay here. This is a building we are compelled to sit in periodically. If we don't, people will think we're bad. We have to pay to come in here and sit. And usually we end up sitting near people who don't use deodorant.

    The entire scam stinks!


    edited: they keep voting themselves raises like Congress. But I don't recall being asked if we had received a raise. The wt cult is just another layer of government and they are hiking the tax rate.

  • stan livedeath
  • brandnew

    THAT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE A VOLUNTARY DONATION ARRANGEMENT!!!!!!! I think that letter, or news needs to be recorded, and sent to authorities to see where their charity status is after this.😡

    Money hungry fucks, just wanna finish their plush retirement homes in warwick!!!!! How much did the gb donate? Im sure they donated ..donated money😡

    Disgusting....very sick.

    Mad Puppy

  • brandnew
    That is passing the donation plate around, with a $10.00 minimum !

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