Is the jab required to attend meetings ?

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  • carla

    Thanking Atlantis for his post!

  • nonjwspouse

    exactly slimboyfat!

    The latest information on vaccines is that they prevent serious illness but they don’t prevent infection or transmission. So the whole rationale for requiring vaccination proof and passports seems bogus at this point. Because vaccination only benefits the person vaccinated, it doesn’t benefit others in the way it was originally conceived

    The vaccinated carry the same viral load as the unvaccinated that have NOT had the virus yet. The unvaccinated people who have been infected with the virus are MUCH more protected. The vaccinate are infecting people at the same rate as the unvaccinated that have not been infected.

  • Nambo

    WTWizard, Thought you might like this. Back in 2005 Chloroquine was an admitted potent medicine in the fight against SARS-CoV 1 My concern regarding the vaccinations is why they are so determined to jab the entire planet, even babies, that they would deny and even demonise cheap medicines that are proving to be far more effective in countries like Nigeria than the vaccines are in the countries that can get them.

  • Nambo

    Whilst an increase in Covid infections married to a decrease in Covid attributed deaths might initially seem a good advert for mass vaccinations, it could indicate something quite dangerous is occurring.

    Natural Selection tends to make viruses milder as the fitter the host is, the greater the chance for its infected host to spread it to others. These Covid vaccines are not stopping transmission, but they are reducing symptoms meaning the hosts are well enough to pass it around, and that deadlier variants can mutate without killing their hosts before they can spread, asymptomatic super spreaders.

    This happened with Chickens, now every chicken needs the vaccine or it will die, great news for the vaccine makers though.

    Maybe the org knows this and wishes to keep the un-vaccinated safe from the vaccinated? Though I sincerely doubt it.

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