2018 Special Talk Outline: “Who Really is Jesus Christ?”

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  • wifibandit
    Revision date: 8/17. The Talk outline “Jesus Christ—Earth’s New Ruler” has been discontinued and should no longer be used. It has been replaced by “Who Really is Jesus Christ?”
    Note: This is the special public talk outline for 2018. The talk will be given in most congregations the week of Monday, March 19, 2018.

  • Listener

    Was JC - Earth's new ruler an old outline?

  • sir82

    How special!

    I especially appreciate the specialness of its speciality.

    Of all the special talks, this one is especially the most special.


    And 30 minutes after it is given, 95% of JWs won't be able to recall a single point.

  • NewYork44M

    I didn't see anything in the outline about Jesus being Michael the archangel. Do they still believe that?

  • wifibandit
  • Crazyguy

    Jesus Christ who is Jesus really, well friends he was just and angel that got they opportunity to become the son of god and a king by allowing god to kill him as a sacrifice to himself. Remembers brothers and sisters gods loves himself some sweet smell of a meat sacrifice (Ephesians 5) . After Jesus was killed he then was resurrected went back to heaven and waited for his reward. Some 1900 hundred years later he was made king and will be king for a thousand years. As king he will have the opportunity to come down to his domain and show his love to earthlings by kill almost all of his followers. Then he will hand the Kingdom over to his father but not before killing a whole lot more of his followers near then end of his reign. After he Hands the Kingdom back to his daddy he will become just a lowly angel again and take a much needed vacation somewhere on Alpha Centauri.

  • darkspilver

    Listener: Was JC - Earth's new ruler an old outline?

    I believe so - it also seems to have been originally a CO public talk from 1992.

  • sparrowdown

    Who Really Is Jesus Christ?

    That will be a short talk, now how would it sound if they were being truthful...

    As we are Jehovah's Witness not Jesus Witnesses we don't give a shit about who Jesus is.

    We only refer to the name if we really have to in special circumstances such as a hook to lure new converts to talks or to convince outsiders we are a Christian religion.

    As Jehovah's people we much prefer Moses and Abraham and if we need a quote from the Christian Greek scriptures our go-to homeboy is Paul.

    Paul spoke some excellent smack useful for cults today.

  • Wakanda
    Paul spoke some excellent smack useful for cults today.

    HA! Yes.

  • slimboyfat

    Who is Jesus? If they haven't worked it out by now what chance have they got?

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