2018 Special Talk Outline: “Who Really is Jesus Christ?”

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  • venus


    You made me laugh like anything!

    Bible itself shows Jesus is the invention of some imaginative minds. For example, Jesus did not say what is reportedly said in John 3:13 where it says he ascended into heaven at the very start of his ministry [which brings the question: then who did all the works attributed to Jesus?]. it follows, if John 3:13 is based on imagination then following verses such as John 3:16 on which the main purpose of Jesus' coming on to earth is also imaginary!

  • ttdtt

    So this is the talk that will be the VIDEO now right?

  • LisaRose

    I can see why "Jesus Christ, Earth's New Ruler" would be discontinued, why would the want to bring up that Jesus has been ruling in Heaven for the last hundred years?The freshness has pretty much expired on that particular teaching, he is not exactly a new ruler now, is he?

  • Darkknight757

    Surprised the title isn't, "Who should eat the bread and drink the wine." I was figuring there would be some info to further put peer pressure on the ever increasing number of witnesses who are partaking.

    Too bad the entire talk is still a load.

  • Syme

    Wow! At least, a really interesting subject, suitable for the 2017 world! I am sure THIS time everyone will be intrigued to come and listen!

  • EverApostate
    Who really is Jesus Christ.

    Probably a middle east rebel, who may have died pathetically in the hands of Romans and upon whom Myths were built.

  • wifibandit

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