Hello to all my old friends, enemies, and concubines

by Mindchild 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • Ben There
    Ben There


  • jst2laws

    Hello Skipper,

    Good to have you back. Many of us come a go periodically.

    Sorry we couldn't hook up with you last week. Try us again next time. I'm about to get a life of my own soon. Hope to have more time and energy.


  • greven

    I don't know you, but welcome back in any case!


  • Prisca

    I remember you. Welcome back.

    Loved your opening post. Excellent and very creative!

  • gumby

    Hey Mindchild......don't get to exited about Priscas complement.......she's still lookin for a sharp wealthy dude but I've got dibbs on her as my Ace -in the -hole.

    Nice to see you back accept you left of the pic you used to use of yourself.

    You probably remember me.....the good looking bright, witty, young lad that is everyones favorite here. Anyways.....I remember you were a intrested in "brain stuff" Have you read the book..."The God part of the Brain", by Matthew Alper? I know you just want to say hi to everyone and not get deep right off the bat but...........will you get deep right off the bat and answer my damn question? ( see....we have emoticons now )


  • mustang

    ALL RIGHT!!!! Glad to see you back, fella

    BTW, on the research scene, I tried the pizza out EXTERNALLY (on someone else, of course). It works for a sunblock that way, too


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hiya Skipper!

    I've been thinking, and I'm tired of being your concubine. All this time I thought we had something special, and now I realize that I was simply a virtual plaything for you.


    I think you're here mostly because Simon hasn't started running the banner ads for sildenafil citrate yet.

  • Mindchild

    Hiya guys and gals,

    Thanks for the warm welcome and the jazz. It is totally cool to see a lot of you again and I will watch for some of you in chat now and then as well.

    Mustang...I see you are still practicing being a mad scientist without a license. Just your luck if you develop the invention of the century and someone steals it from you.

    Gumby...of course I remember you! (lies, and looks up user history...oh yeah that guy...lol) Actually no, I haven't read the book you suggested but thanks for the tip. You might find the latest issue of Scientific American interesting, dealing with magnetic fields effecting the brain. I thought you might find this interesting to read because a Canadian neuroscientist invented a machine using pulsed electromagnetic fields that allows you to stimulate "The God Spot." Results on different people range from audio/visual hullicinations where people talk to Jesus or God to the rather unusual (I just had a double dipped chocolate ice cream cone.) Plain to see that God comes in different forms and flavors.

    Thank you Prisca, Greven, Lady Lee, Running Man, Refiners, Proplog2, Teenyuck, and Tinkerbell, for the kind words.

    Dave...yep, online property values fall through the floor when I walk in the door. Maybe I can make up for it though by keeping you on your toes, ...you slacker.

    Saint Satan, sorry to say I'm only a thousandaire, no island, and worse yet no harem. I came back here to replenish the harem...shows how damn desperate I am. <snickers>

    Jst2laws, hey I know where you are coming from there dude. A life of your own...you say? Is there a sale on those, someplace I can pick up one locally?

    Adios Amigas and Amigos


  • Satanus

    Thanks for the tip. I wonder if i have enough money for a visit w god? You can go first, gumby:) Fortunately, i live in canada, where god was first discovered.


  • czarofmischief


    we need more creative posting on this board.


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