What would you do? Need advice

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  • Ravyn

    it sounds like a good deal---but other good deals will come along. I think at 21 you are better off looking for a bigger apartment close to school.

    I live in a county area just outside of a small town, about 25 miles between two large cities. I can't tell you how many times in the past 6 months I have gone without milk or bread for DAYS because he comes home at 9pm tired and we don't get out to the store(I don't drive--I know it would help if I did--however in your case think about having to 'run' to the store after an hour's drive home every night!) And please do not even think of asking him to cut the grass(on two acres) on his weekends off!

    The house might be new and nice, but is it all that rare to find in a small town? If you looked for it later on, in a couple of years, would you be able to find the same deal?


  • jwbot

    You are right!

    I didn't even think of the utilities.

    AArgh! I would have to pay for HEAT! and and .... no free cable from tapping into the neighbors like I do now...

    and NO HIGHSPEED INTERNET AVAILABLE. which is UNACCEPTABLE for my major, studies, line of work, hobbies, etc.


    maybe I should look into a place that is only a little bigger, in a surrounding not-so-expensive town in my area. *sigh*

  • outnfree

    I'm with the naysayers, too.

    I only had one class, twice a week, last semester that was 45 mins-1 hour away (compared to the others, which were 10-15 away) and I HATED the wasted time. And I already live in a house and am used to the bills associated with it.

    If most of my friends were near school, too, I'd definitely want to be close to them. I say find a larger apartment (your original plan) and go visit your family every other weekend.

    (You didn't say this was renting with an option to buy or that you and your S/O are planning anything but school for right now. Otherwise, I might respond differently. But your increased costs WILL be more than just the difference in rent.)

    Whatever you decide (is S/O making his own pro/con lists?), I hope you are content.


  • Eric


    Recent advice from my younger brother, who considers these things carefully, and who speaks from experience of his own:

    If you're going to move away from a socially dynamic, interesting hub of activity to a place of quiet and solitude, it had better be a place in which you find great beauty, or you'll hate it.

    Take it for what it's worth,


  • kgfreeperson

    Amenamenamen! don't do the house. You really don't want to isolate yourself from school and friends and that is what will happen.

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