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  • Finally Left
    Finally Left

    Thanks Wifi

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    A politician couldn't have given a better speech. It gives no specifics as to what help they will receive and they repeat it at least three times about help now and in the future. The only specific action spoken of, is what a JW should do. Keep your spiritual routine. Give emotional and spiritual support to others.

    I remember reading about how witnesses in Japan came to the meetings in slippers and sleepware because that is all they had. I'm sure we will hear of similar stories from this. Probably heroic CO's braving the devastation to give a talk. I bet they ask for donations too.

  • Simon
    The artwork behind him. Cult!

    The guy in the bottom right dressed in red looks like Charles Darwin.

  • sparrowdown

    "It's only words and words are all we have to take your hardship away."

    Aww, hard not to tear up watching that.

  • krismalone

    No mention of how much money the Governing Body will send immediately to help the victims?

  • Chook

    Could you really imagine them opening up Warwick to disaster relief victims who aren’t JWs. Watch what they do not what they say. A true charitable church would not differentiate between believers and non believers. As to the picture in the background it reflects the table big Tony aspires to be chairman at.

  • wifibandit

    The original used to hang outside of the Service Department along the tour route at Patterson.

    Who knows where it ended up when they moved to Wallkill?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    We have been EARNESTLY SUPPLICATING JEHOVAH in your behalf.

    Three questions:

    Why would they need to "supplicate Jehovah" in behalf of someone else, isn't he aware of what's going on with his people or does he have to receive a certain amount of "supplications" or "supplications" from noteworthy individuals such as the GB memebers, before he will do anything to help ?

    What other kind of "supplication" is there other than one that is earnest...are their times when their "supplications" are insincere?

    Why would he do anything, since his (supposed) intent was that the earth be cursed and life on it be made difficult so that human kind would suffer and pay for the sins of Adam and Eve?

  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2


    Why do I have this cartoon sequence in my head where a truck screeches up to a congregation group, unloads a generator, Big Screen TV, and DVD player, hooks it up quickly, plays the message, then, just as quickly, dis-assembles it all, loads up the truck, and screeches off....

  • sir82

    Re: "Supplication", additional questions:

    In what sense is Jehovah "loving & merciful" if he only responds to abject begging, i.e., supplication? If you don't "supplicate" hard enough, does he just sit on his duff & do nothing?

    And if he will respond without "supplication", then why do you need to do it?

    And if he does respond to "supplication", wouldn't it have been better to "supplicate" him to turn the hurricane away from the island in the first place?

    Imagine a parent whose child has diabetes. They withhold needed medicine from the child, but then after he falls into a diabetic coma, the parents "supplicate" the surgeons to save the life of their child. What sense does that make?

    As usual, 30 seconds of coherent thought nullifies the WTS message.

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