What musical groups or songs were bad according to JWs?

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  • amac

    AC/DC was Against Christ/Devil's Children and I remember someone even saying the lightning bolt between the letters was demonic. I was dumbfounded! It stands for electrical current! But that was much too obvious to be true.

    Anyway, the first evening she heard this my mother disposed of her beloved John Denver album collection and yea there was much rejoicing for my brother and me.

    One of the few times that WT dogma had good results!

    In all fairness though, they make good points. If you are going to be a bible thumping, by the book Christian, then a lot of music contradicts that lifestyle. Too bad for them.

  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit

    My alltime favorite song was "Tonight's the Night" by Rod Stewart. I was told to turn the station when it came on. One day I was riding home with a pioneer sister and the song came on the radio. She cranked it up full blast and said "Don't you just LOVE this song"?

  • caspian

    Me? I got told off for listening to Tight Fit.

    In the Jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight....... awim away awim away....


  • Satanus


    music whose most immediately striking characteristic is its rhythmic power—the hypnotic, compulsive force of rhythmic patterns." The effect is startling and perhaps disquieting. In fact, "it was calculated to overthrow European certainties about musical tradition."

    Cool. I'm downloading it as we speak, so to speak.


  • integ

    My mom did'nt want me listening to Judas Priest. I thought they were great.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Everything was considered to be bad with the exception of dubdumb muse-kit and some classical music....

    Frannie B

  • razorMind

    Does anyone remember the articles from the 70's "counseling" against disco? I was a little kid then, but my dad has all the old WT and "Asleep!" volumes.

    I also remember a negative mention somewhere in WT "literature" regarding The Twist dance.

    My dad hates homosexuals and effeminate men; Boy George was specifically singled out as one musician we absolutely could NOT listen to. My folks were surprisingly lax as far as our music was concerned. Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" was okay until another Dub parent convinced my parents to ban it from our house.

  • freedom96

    Earlier in the thread was talk of John Denver hating witnesses, and Johnny Carson throwing a person who hated the witnesses off of the show. The rumor was that Carson actually threw John Denver off of the show.

    Been to a Denver concert, and never once did he even bring up the witnesses. The rumor was that he did not like them because they were not patriotic. Who knows.

    Another banned band was Styx. They said it was the river of hades in Greek mythology. They also jumped on the bandwagon that Styx had backward Satanic messages.

    If they did a little research, they would find that most of the band, if not all, have a great belief and love of God. Second, the river Styx in Greek mythology does indeed go through hades, but goes through heaven and several other areas of life.

    Styx picked the name because they thought it described their music, very diverse. Lots of themes, lyrics, and heavy rock, and ballads too.

  • Roo

    I had to throw out my Pyromania album by Def Leopard because the triangle on the front was a satanic symbol.

    oh and stillajwexelder, everyone knows that W.A.S.P. really stood for Worship at Satan's Palace.

  • Swan
    Been to a Denver concert, and never once did he even bring up the witnesses. The rumor was that he did not like them because they were not patriotic. Who knows.

    The rumor I heard was that Glenn Campbell announced on the evening news that he was going to get baptized at the 1973 assembly in Vancouver, BC. John Denver hated the JWs for screwing up his friend Cambell's brain with their mind control.

    These were all just rumors and JW urban legends as far as I know.

    As for bad music, a rumor about "Puff the Magic Dragon" got this one banned for us kids.


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