Is the WTBTS preparing to...

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  • 2+2=5
    They can try it if they want, but I think they’ll find that JWs, who never had much financially to begin with, will be preserving what little resources they can gather to look after themselves and their families in these “critical times hard to deal with”.

    Exactly right.

    I would confidently say that middle class JWs in Australia have well below average superannuation funds. There are so many JWs that work on ABN’s and should be self contributing but don’t, and I mean not a penny.

    I’ve heard 30-40 year men who are married with children, scoff at the idea of superannuation.(saving for retirement)

    The shit is hitting the fan right now in WT world

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    They always are begging. As soon as I can see where the monies do good I will send some.

  • JoenB75
    You might ask what are they doing for the poor

    I hope they ask for more $$$ and the Rank and File start to wake up.


  • eyeuse2badub

    If they ask for any more than my wife already donates, I'll tell her to suggest that the GB first sell of their luxury campus in Warwick (that must be worth a billion easy) and just rent some space until Armageddon! How much property do you need to own to make videos?

    just saying!

  • JoenB75

    Visiting the luxurious accomodations of the JW leadership even in various European countries have been an eye opener for many. Where did the money come from and why when they preach we are living in the last hour and should sacrifice own ambitions

  • Vidiot
    joe134cd - "...If they have got the brains they will use Covid-19 as an excuse to cash up and go online..."

    More than a few of us have suspected that's in the cards, anyway...

    ...all this would do is speed up the process.

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