A wave of momentum!

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  • stuckinarut2

    It certainly has to be one of the most exciting times to live in as an awake ex witness!

    The wave of momentum we are part of as thousands awaken from the hold of the Society is a joy to be a part of.

    The internet helps us to see that we are NOT alone. We are NOT the only ones to recognise the facts we have learned.

    I wanted to thank the hundreds of online ex witnesses who have been brave enough to share their stories via videos, webpages and the like. Those who have put their faces and stories out there to help others.

    The more of us that take this brave step, the more the wave of momentum will build.

    Sure, be cautious if there may be personal consequences. But every story shared, every video posted, every effort put in, can help so many more people!

  • Magnum

    It is exciting to me, too. I hope the wave continues to grow and doesn't die out; I hope it grows into a tsunami. I really hope that as the evidence mounts against JWdom, any remaining level-headed ones will leave and there will be a snowball effect.

    It might not be too much longer before I reveal my identity.*

    *There are a few on this site whose identities I know. I want to assure them that when I reveal my identity, I would never dream of revealing theirs..

  • smiddy3

    To borrow a phrase "Theocratic Warfare"


    may that be prophetic of Ex Jehovah`s Witnesses

    And a very warm welcome to all the newbies that have posted on here this past year.

    A good post stuckinarut2 for encouraging lurkers and others to share their story`s and experiences while keeping their confidentiality intact.

  • jwfacts

    I wonder how hard it must have been in the 1970's when people were leaving with little support or knowledge of what others were thinking and feeling. The internet is such a comfort in comparison for people leaving now.

  • Xanthippe

    Yes Stuck it is exciting, especially when you've been waiitng for nearly thirty years. We got on with our lives because we'd already lost our youth to that religious cult. Until five years ago, although I did know about this forum I didn't look on it.

    You get used to just ploughing on and we'd made a new life for ourselves. We were happy but it's been amazing to find hundreds of people on here, YouTube and other sites who've been though exactly the same things I have. It's helped me enormously. Now seeing this cult starting to shrink is very encouraging. It might be too late for my family but where there's life there's hope.

  • shepherdless

    I have been reading sites like this for about 3 years or so.

    Back then, JWism still seemed to have respectable growth globally (slightly higher than global population growth in percentage terms) and no visible money problems. Wow has it changed since then.

    As the age of the typical JW in western countries continues to rise, gradual decline is inevitable. I don’t want to go over previous discussion, but in any large population, once the median age goes over a certain level, future decline is inevitable, for decades. That is the position Watchtower is in.

    There is a mixture of opinions as to what extent Watchtower is in financial difficulties, but at the very least, financial concerns are a major distraction for those in charge, and a limitation on options to address the decline.

    It is a good time to be monitoring this religion.

  • jookbeard

    it is the most exciting time for both exjw's and the R&F, the WTS is unrecognisable now to what born in's like me had to suffer from the late 1960's you name it and it has happened and there will be more to come.

  • slimboyfat

    I've been reading this and other online websites, blogs, channels (you name it) since 2000. There has always been a steady flow of JWs out of the organisation. In Scotland there was flurry of exits around 8 years ago. (iCeltic, PasswordProtected, Ninja, HoboKen, and other anonymous members, including many who haven't posted in a long time) I don't think this site in particular is more active now than in the past. Many prominent former JWs have outgrown the community and moved on: in particular AlanF, Narkissos, LitteToe Leolaia and so on. Some have passed on too including Mouthy and Farkel and many more from a pre-Internet generation of leavers.

    What has changed dramatically in the last couple of years is the Watchtower organisation itself. It seems the steady drip of leavers has finally caught up with them. Plus JW children are not getting baptised in the same numbers. That combined with their abysmal results from preaching means they are definitely at a turning point. The financial woes on top of everything else are what might cause a sudden collapse, rather than a gentle demise, as some other religions have enjoyed.

    Youtube, Facebook and Reddit are also relatively recent developments that I've begun to take an interest in. In total the online ex-JW community probably is much larger and doesn't rely on old style forums so much.

    Having viewed developments for so long, I had adopted the common wisdom that things will never change at Watchtower and collapse is not a realistic outcome. The developments of the last couple of years have concivned me otherwise. The organisation has already undergone dramatic changes. What's more these changes do not seem strategic or planned. They are short term measures in response to real financial and organisational difficulties. And in that context it's not unreasonable to wonder whether the measures Watchtower has taken will be enough to avert a serious organisational disintegration of some sort.

    So yes I think it is appropriate to talk about a wave of momentum at the moment.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Waving goodbye to the past life as a dub and riding the wave of freedom!

    We can all now Rave about this Wave and the lives that it will Save and just to think that we all Gave to this departure from 'he Slave' and that we can now Behave like we're not heading for our Grave cause the road ahead we Pave for the fearless and the Brave!

    Poetic justice for the WT!

    just saying!

  • flipper

    Great points Stuckinarut ! Any of us who have experienced the injustices and shunning from the WT and JW cult have an opportunity ahead of us to expose this criminal organization for what it is - just that a criminal organization. And help open up people's minds as we travel on in life

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