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  • Socrateswannabe

    In a recent post about the Watchtower’s claim that all animals were created as vegetarians, one commenter said that Watchtower could no longer sustain this belief so they simply stopped talking about it. I began thinking about other wacky doctrines and statements by the Borg that have faded away. I’ll offer two of them below, but the complete list must be longer than your arm.

    7000 year-long creative days: Watchtower once taught that each of the creative days was 7,000 years in duration, hence the hype leading up to 1975. They believed that year marked 6,000 years since Adam’s creation, and oh how nicely the 1,000-year reign would fit as the last piece of the puzzle, thus completing the final “day”. Watchtower usually ignores scientific and geologic evidence that doesn’t support their claims but in this case, they backed off. In recent years, the creative days have been described in Watchtower literature as periods of time of unknown length.

    “This generation”: While it was still feasible for any of Watchtower’s tortured "generation” formulas to work in connection with 1914, it was a hot topic in their literature. When it became obvious that the formula no longer worked, Watchtower came up with the most wackadoodle doctrine in memory, the “overlapping generations”. When he presented this in a video, David Splane seemed smug and self-satisfied with the teaching, and obviously the GB believed the R&F would swallow whole this transparent form of misdirection. I remember one or two JW’s talking about it briefly after the video and the subsequent Watchtower study article, and I seem to remember them giving it the stock JW response to all new light, “Of course, now it makes perfect sense!” But since then, I don’t recall any JW speaking of overlapping generations, or attempting to teach it from the stage or on a bible study. Discussion of the all-important generation doctrine has all but disappeared.

    For an organization that prides itself in accepting “new light” when it is revealed to them, dropping once key doctrines without an apology or explanation seems like the height of cowardice. Will you add your own outcast doctrines to the list?

  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    How about how you could have association with people that left the organization before 1950. Then for 24 years you had to shunn them. Then from 1974 to 1980 you could have "limited" association with them and now from 1980, you have to shunn them again!

    The Light gets brighter then it got dim then it got brighter then it got dim again.....

    I guess their god gets very confused one this very important matter. A matter that has caused the death and heartache of thousands.

    Or maybe there is no god just a bunch of crazy old men in New York, dreaming all this shit up.

    Keith Casarona

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    it was the 7000 year day that did it for me. utter tosh. that was over 50 years ago.

  • iwantoutnow

    Even when I was young and a 100% believer, being into science and astronomy, I knew they were 100% wrong with that stuff, and it was just trying to make numbers fit with 144000 and bs like that.

    SO much numerology!

    But I still took the rest hook line and LIFE SINKER.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Once heart transplants became common and the person receiving the transplant didn't change, they stopped claiming that the heart is the "seat of our emotions" the way the once did on a regular basis. They let that notion fade away without an explanation.

  • JoenB75

    I think it comes to the early chapters, it is mocks God and the rest of us to take this stuff literally. There is so much obvious symbolism, talking snakes included, that we should be able to understand this is not more literal than Pharaoh being a dragon in the Nile (Ezekiel 29). I think conservative Christendoms opposition to evolution has a lot to do with who has authority over the church souls. And this generation, means.. this generation. But coming under the watchtower inlfuence puts a veil on our eyes.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    Watchtower once taught that each of the creative days was 7,000 years in duration, hence the hype leading up to 1975.

    WT still have a massive problem with this. If you follow bible chronology the human creation story counts back to 4000 yrs BC give or take. That's where the 7000 years theory and the 1975 embarrassment came from. WT cannot just "new light" this fact away. The pages of the bible mean that they can't countenance or admit any other explanation. Jesus quoted the creation story as fact.

    So, they have no choice but to take a stand with closed eyes, hands over ears singing "la la la, I can't hear you" whilst ignoring mountains of hard evidence of the real age of man.

    They are stuck with an unsustainable belief that can't be changed. If they did, the whole edifice crumbles and falls.

  • WTWizard

    They need to get rid of their compact fluorescent light bulbs that keep changing. As far as I see, once the sun comes up, I see the whole thing as preparing mankind for communism. I mean the whole of xianity, including the washtowel. These petty doctrines are just a smokescreen.

  • smiddy3

    The Superior Authorities went through some gymnastics also over the years ,first it was the powers that be in govt and law enforcement ,then it became exclusively only applying to Jehovah and Christ Jesus and then again another backflip to reverting back to the govt`s and law enforcement.

    You can`t make this stuff up ,they are a joke .

    Are you aware that it was the second time they came up with the end of 6 thousand years of human history ?

    C.T.Russell had previously identified the end of 6 thousand years in his writings which would have occured I think about 40 years previously? if my memory serves me correct .

    Organ transplants were equated with cannalbalism .

    Vaccinations were a no no.

    Miracle wheat was another one they advertised.

    Millions now living Will never Die , Millions now Living May never Die , two different versions.

  • iwantoutnow

    How did I EVER think it was perfectly normal to have this situation:

    A man is riding a Donkey, all of a sudden it starts talking to him!!!!!

    AND... the man doesnt RUN LIKE HELL away, but instead stands there and has an argument with the donkey??????

    OMG HOW STUPID WAS I!!!!!!!!

    Or, were talking donkeys a thing back then?

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