The New System of Things - How much longer?

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  • Mary

    It takes more than that to get me excited.........

  • ScoobySnax

    .....umm I guess not when we think, probably when we least expect it. Its Jehovahs day after all. I wouldn't like to second guess Him.

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    I would give it another 10-25 years max. I know that's a big window, but here's my thinking,

    the annoited class will all die off, those who were born before the 1935 cutoff date.

    all of the governing body will die off and have to be replaced by ones who are not of the annoited class.

    I honestly can't see how they can keep it going, oh there will be more "new light" on these areas, and how jehovah is blessing the work, by replacing the governing body/annoited ones, with a new class.

    but I can't see the long-timers buying into this again !

    The Watchtower stated over and over again that some of the annoited class would be around to see Armageddon, and that just isn't gonna happen, I find it hard to believe that there is still 8000+ around of the annoited class, that was the number back in the 1970's. And there is NO WAY that there is that many falling out of Jehovah's favor and have to be REPLACED, what a bunch of BS.

    maybe I'm being optimistic but 25 years max !!!!!!!!!!!! probaly alot sooner, you have to all admit the October 2014 Watchtower will be interesting, I can't wait and it's 11 years away.

  • willyloman

    The demise of the WT is a pipedream. It's now an entrenched religion with millions of adherents and billions of dollars in the bank and a sh**pile of real estate at its disposal. The operative model is 1914. When the predictions failed, that should have been the end of the WTS, but World War I came along and bailed them out. They've pointed to that event as vindication of their prophecies for almost 90 years. What future events will occur that will justify their end-time teaching? If you look around at the world we live in and read the headlines and watch the TV documentaries, it doesn't take a genius to realize we are living in perilous times.

    How long before some catastrophic event, something that will make 9-11 look like a church picnic, triggers unparalled destruction and significantly thins the herd? Such an event appears more likely every day, and when it comes it will provide fodder for fundamental religious groups like the JWs that they'll feed on for generations.

  • Gamaliel

    Good thread Nosferatu,

    John 21:23 says: Then went this saying abroad among the brethren, that that disciple should not die: yet Jesus said not unto him, He shall not die; but, If I will that he tarry till I come, what [is that] to thee?

    This was supposedly about the longest surviving apostle, John, who was supposed to live long enough so that the Matthew 16 prophecy would come true (see proplog2's comments). It reminds me of the GB all dying off and other JWs saying: "Well, they never actually said that the end would definitely come in their lifetime; they said, 'It might and it might not -- and if it does or doesn't, well, what's it to you, anyway?' " Even with the obvious false prophecy, NT Christianity has also survived, such as it is. No reason that JW's can't "run on empty" for quite a while. Proplog's 3 generation idea is interesting and warrants more discussion.


  • observador

    Proplog's comments are interesting, but a bit confusing:

    He seems to oppose the idea of the "end coming very soon now":

    If they didn't believe that- they wouldn't have set aside their own lives to declare their message. It takes time to build an organization. So it makes sense that a lot of people would be "deceived" into thinking the end would come in their life time. That's what I mean by "divine deception".

    But then he goes on to express the same type of hope that Christianity has had for the past 2000 years:

    Something IS going to happen. You WILL get your answer to the question "Where is this promised coming of the Lord?"

    I don't get it.


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