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  • dubstepped

    My wife and I will be presenting in a class at the local university in a couple of weeks. The class is about social media and psychology. Of course they talk about fake news and propaganda. We all grew up around a lot of propaganda.

    So what I'm looking for is examples of things that I can put together for a presentation. I want examples of propaganda featuring the us vs them narrative, the way apostates are labeled, the way the world outside the cult is portrayed, the hyperbole used and the way one extreme example is used to paint everything. I am sure that I can find some but I don't have access to a lot and I know that people here are more well versed in maybe specific examples. I remember that a lot of things were brought out over the years, but I don't know that I could find many of them.

    If you have some favorites, or just cringe worthy things to share, post them here and maybe we can use them. We may even use them as a handout or email sent to students. The goal is to show how propaganda is use to paint people in certain lights and then we'll talk about how with that in mind we don't just accept things that we read on social media (i.e. the portrayal of the white kids from Covington Catholic and the media narrative there with the native American man and the Black Hebrews) without taking our time and trying to allow facts to come out or researching them. We don't just take claims as facts without investigating them and have learned so much about how humans work.

    So post your cites and examples and I'm going to work through them and find my own as well and see what we can put together. One of the episodes of This JW Life that I did (my first podcast about my story) was about the FOG (fear obligation and guilt) and BITE (behavior, information, thought, and emotion) models of control. The professor asked which of my episodes might be good for them to listen to before we come and I picked that one. Hopefully I can back some of that up with direct quotes and videos or whatever works.

    One thing I think I'd like is if I could get the clips from JW Broadcasting about the dangers of college. Wasn't it Morris that said "the better the college, the more dangerous"?

    Anyway, I appreciate any help.

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  • dubstepped

    @betterdaze - Has that talk been given in English? That would be easier to share.

  • betterdaze

    Not that I'm aware of, but the subtitles can be transcribed and read aloud.

    How about little Sergei and his violin?

  • Brighton

    With all the JW broadcasting and the literature online, you should be able to find plenty of clips and written quotes to use. They even have some of the videos from the convention, so I would that there is a lot to choose from there.

  • Splash

    How about the bunker video?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    How about the way mainstream media reported on the kid with the MAGA hat and Nathan Phillips?

    That's a great example of propaganda and fake news.

    Or the way they lapped up Jussie Smollett's crap - that's fake noose.

    You're spoilt for choice, Dubstepped.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    a picture being worth a thousand words...and if you can backdrop your presentation with images...

    Many people here simply can't forget the Wts horrible in-house art work they were exposed to as children... worldlies are always hoodlums or sluts, smokers, long hairs, unshaven,

    Violence from god always depicted as the earth opening up, fire from the sky, cities collapsing on fire ... one member here still remembers her fear of the drawing of a girl and her bicycle falling into the void ...published when she was herself a girl with a bicycle.

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    May 22, 1969 Awake!

    false direction to young people -" you will never finish school or have a career before the end of this system" paraphrased promise

    propaganda designed to keep young ones working for WT as a future.

    Like some of your audience will be, I was a teen in '69 and my grandchildren have now been to university and now enjoying their professional careers as teachers engineers....

    Lying bullshit WT propaganda

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