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  • OrphanCrow
    goneforgood: a picture being worth a thousand words...and if you can backdrop your presentation with images...

    I agree. The WT's use of images is critical to their propaganda success. The image is one of the strongest tools that the WT uses.

    Violence from god always depicted as the earth opening up, fire from the sky, cities collapsing on fire ... one member here still remembers her fear of the drawing of a girl and her bicycle falling into the void ...published when she was herself a girl with a bicycle.

    I would guess that anyone (me included) who cut their teeth on that ugly flamingo orange Paradise book can recall the images far better than they can the words.

    The image of the 4 horsemen from that book, and the one with the valley of skulls, gave me nightmares as a child.

    Propaganda is all about the image - even when it doesn't use an actual picture, it is the way that words are put together to provoke an internal image that will define the effectiveness of the propaganda's message. The images (written or otherwise) evoke emotions readily and that is what propaganda is all about - appealing to the emotions.

    Good luck with your presentation, Dubstepped.

  • dubstepped

    Great points about the images used. I was looking for quotes but that's a great point.

    Again, I'm looking for specific quotes that set the stage for us vs them, that incite fear, that shame people, etc., from the JW realm. I know that they've said a ton of awful things but have a hard time remembering specifics. In an academic institution I'd like to have citations with publications and pages. Videos may work too if I can narrow them down. I can't have students spending hours watching them. I'll look for clips.

  • OrphanCrow

    Not sure if this is what you're looking for:

    Jwfacts has an response to vthe WT article that used that image:

  • gone for good
    gone for good

    Gerrit Losch said that higher education was like putting a gun to your head (in English). Can't beat that for an us vs. them when the us is a lecture hall of university students!

    I'll search around and see if I can find it.

  • smiddy3

    " the time left is reduced " that was said by Paul 2000 years ago and he GB member is using that to inspire his listeners today ?

    Do Jehovah`s witnesses even THINK for themselves anymore ?

    All and any scriptures JW`s use to manipulate the rank & file to doing what "THEY" want them to do are over 2000 years old ,it might have applied back then in some small measure ,but it certainly has no bearing whatsoever on anything to do with today .

  • zeb

    Jw have ever been discouraged from thinking. and the original poster here needs consider that the wt has been expert down the years of saying- not quite- saying. so when the situation does not occure or it goes arse up they will then say 'but we didnt say that..' and as jw have no capacity to think and are made 'so busy' in the truth they never get to stop and say 'hey what the hell, that aint right."

    The gb denied having set 1975 up as the time and blamed the poor saps who sold up houses and cashed in retirements left jobs and then were left with F*** all at the end of it. Consider this:

    They also denied telling the jw in a little African country called Malawi to refuse to carry what the wt called a party card. It was a one party state and some argument exists that it was an ID primarily. But refuse the cards the jw did and were beaten,violated, lost homes and property and had to run for their lives to neighboring countries. I was early in the T and I remember being told what the wt itself told the jw in Malawi.

  • smiddy3

    My wife and I will be presenting in a class at the local university in a couple of weeks. The class is about social media and psychology.

    I wish you and your wife success in giving your presentation at the local university dubstepped of course i know you will highlight how JW`s / GB frowns upon higher education ,that shouldn`t go down too well with a university campus .

    I wish i could help you more but there are better men and women than I am here who can help you better than i can .

    Take care and good luck

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