Has anyone ever turn down being appointed an Elder or MS?

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  • RolRod

    I did several times at different congregations, then I finally accepted hoping to make a difference. I have to admit I was probably the favorite in the congregation, wasn't quick to judge, and the friends found me easy to talk to, especially among the younger ones.

    My presiding overseer hated me because I wasn't a "Yes" man who kissed his butt at every opportunity. But at the same time he respected me because he knew I never held back. I spoke my mind without any reservation.

    We use to go at it tooth and nail at elder's meetings. One time he actually charged at me, took 3 elders to hold him back.

    In the end, I had enough, and I handed in my resignation, I had confided to quite a few friends, telling them I couldn't do it any more and they begged me to stay, but they understood. They announced it during the service meeting as if I had been removed, and not stepped down, but everyone there knew I stepped down.

    I kicked the bookstudy and field service group out of my home, and told the elders the only thing I would participate in was field service, which I enjoyed.

    The following Sunday just before the Watchtower study was to begin, an elder tapped me on the shoulder and motioned me to the back, when I got there He extended the microphone to me and I immediately put up my hands and told him "I don't do that anymore", he had a smirk on his face, I went back to my seat. I lasted a few months. Then walked out and never went back, that was some 25 years ago.


  • smiddy3

    I was considered Elder material a few times while I was a MS ,but I was not interested in becoming one.

    My wife and I were in a clique with Elders and MS in a liberal progressive congregation and things that I picked up in conversations however obscure ,I did not want to be involved in it

    Plus the fact I believed it carried a heavier burden which I didn`t want.

    I believed I knew my limitations .

  • dozy

    There was a MS in our congregation that several times we ( I was an elder back then and all the elders wanted to appoint him ) tried to persuade to become an elder but he wasn't interested. His father was an elder in another congregation and he had seen just how tough and soul destroying and busy a job it was and he freely admitted that he didn't want any of that.

    In addition , there were quite a few JWs that did just enough not be be appointed. It was almost if consciously or sub consciously it just wasn't for them.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the first congregation i was in--as a child, with mom and dad, was Hockley cong, in Birmingham, UK. this was in the period 1958 to 66. At age 18 i then started to go a neighbouring cong, but in a different circuit, as a pioneer and then a MS, till 1971.

    Apparently, when the elders thing all got started, back in the first cong where dad and mom attended, there was a total rebellion about who would be elders. several would-be elders were d/f'd. my dad was the only one to be appointed, although he was very reluctant. he had a good idea what it would involve. a bro from a neighbouring cong was "parachuted in" to take over as presiding overseer.

    that cong was a hot bed of gossip, back stabbing, and other fine christian practices.

  • IWant2Leave

    I turned down an offer of re-appointment just before the COVID-19 shut down. It hasn't been 9 months since I stepped aside. My door to door was none existent, only reporting 4 hours from informal witnessing, meetings were sporadic. I'm on Zoom sporadically and most times with my video off (full beard). Two elders met with me and wanted to know if I was ready to "get back in the saddle". I respectfully declined. It is hard to fade. COBE called me last night to encourage me. Wonder what he wanted?

  • dubstepped

    At 18 I was a pioneer, then appointed a MS. They had me doing everything at the KH. Burned me out, plus I had 3 part time jobs to support myself. I handed it all back to them. Well, I tried to but the elders wouldn't accept it so when the circuit overseer visited I pulled him and the presiding overseer to the side and told them that whether it was accepted or not I wouldn't be doing either anymore. The next week the presiding overseer pulled me in the back and chastised me for embarrassing him.

    I knew an elderly brother that was never more than a MS that turned them down many times. I knew a family man that turned down being an elder too for years but he finally succumbed and I believe they ended up deleting him later because his job schedule kept him from being an effective slave anymore.

  • newsheep

    Yes, I was offered an ms position after giving them a donation. I was living outside of the territory and that is the excuse I gave the cobe. I did not want to be one since I was being given all the responsibilities of one. They had me doing the literature counter, grabbing the cash and cheques from the donation boxes, did their accounts once. The hall had many young twenty something year old men that got the label as ms but didn't want to do the jobs. It really is a pathetic religion that promotes a bunch of lazy bums. Most didn't work full time and once they got their labels they didn't work most of the time. But it was ok for the wives to get educations and support these no good for nothing husbands.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I was one of the elders and this M.S. was the perfect candidate. He helped the sick and elderly, he spent quality time talking to people in the teritory.

    He said NO THANKS a few times until someone talked him into it like 2 years later.

    He hated all the stupid games between congregations at a shared hall and having to discuss the poor spirituality of good people just going through stuff.

    He moved to a different state. Wwe visited and, despite an excellent reputation, refused to be an elder or M.S. in his new congregation.

  • minimus

    We had a few men that thought they were unworthy of the “ privilege “. Sadly we talked them out of it and they took their appointments.

  • RubaDub

    Still under the radar and not a lot of details ...

    But yes, I "moved" to a different congregation (same area, just for reasons I gave as business and changing meeting times) and basically said I did not want to do it anymore. At the time, you were basically, automatically given the position with the new congregation with a nice letter from the old congregation.

    The reason I said to the new congregation was not wanting to be on any more JC's ... but was told that was part of the organizational arrangement. I basically told them it was not part of my arrangement. I didn't have to wait for the CO to visit. I basically told them I quit.

    In a year or two, I will give more details.

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