What happened to Caleb and Sofia?

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  • Sliced

    Where are the "golden children" lately? lol

  • sparrowdown

    Prison? I spose it was inevitable really all child stars eventually grow up, rebel, turn to drugs and alcohol and end up getting arrested for DUI.

  • Sliced

    WT has a habit of introducing something and if it's popular and fun, getting rid of it real quick... goodbye Sparlock lovers! lol

  • sparrowdown

    Maybe they got wind of the bad reviews lol.

  • caves

    Maybe they got there a@@ beat in school trying to tell their classmates that have same sex parents that their parents are not approved by god.

    Or maybe their parents got divorced and by default they are shunned/ DF/ or DS.

    Or perhaps they both found out they are gay.

  • Wild_Thing

    I'm afraid Sophia and Caleb let the worldly pressures at school get to them and they are now considered spiritually weak. As we all know, bad associations spoil useful habits, and we have had to limit their associations within the congregation. We can't have Jehovah's precious youth exposed to such worldly evils.

    Until Sophia quits Girl Scouts and Caleb stops leading the Sparlock Club at school, they'll never going to make it into paradise!

  • JaniceA

    Fading. They aren’t stupid.

  • nowwhat?

    Producing those videos cost $$$ The org. Doesn't have anymore

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    What happened to Caleb and Sophia?

    I heard Sophia was rushed to the hospital where she died on the operating table after refusing a blood transfusion.

    I heard Caleb refused to be baptized when he turned 9 years old...was shunned over it...became depressed over it and he wound up taking his own life.

    Sorry...I know this is a rather negative narative... but this kind of stuff actually happens to many youth in the JW community!

  • Dagney

    They decided they didn’t want to be Jehovah’s “friend.”

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