Waking People Up With Well Thought Out Comments

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  • mann377

    I have been following your situation from the post, and can sympathize with you. I faded 30 years ago and there is a price to pay, but morally I felt I had to be in a position to look for and help others in the same situation. I still keep contacts in the org for this reason.

    As far as the wife, she is still in but she knows my thinking. Example: Wife says..... Why don't you tell the elders of your questions! Whats a matter, are you scared!

    Me: Yes.......what does that tell you about the organziation we are in.

    Wife looks at me at that moment speechless. I could tell in her eyes that she got the point and knew I was on to something. She never approached the subject again and would not "tell" on me.

  • Giordano

    Sometimes I get the impression that my wife wants me to come clean about what I'm thinking but then my brain says don't do it...

    There is one thing you could talk about. The growing Child sexual abuse situation that has been coming out.

    ARC has put it on the record with sworn testimony from victims, Elders, Branch Elders and even a GB member. It has and is still happening. It's becoming publicly known.

    This was a WT policy decision that is quickly becoming illegal in many countries.

    The ARC investigation. The two witness rule, the child having to face their abuser. Not getting the authorities involved. Treating the abuse as a sin when it is also a crime. Pedophiles who go out in the field service.

    Would she understand your deep concern and fear that the JW's may suffer the loss of God's spirit if the Society doesn't fix this issue.

    Or there was this: My wife was watching the Scientology special on ABC and when it got to one part she said "Oh, that's kind of like us" all I did was give her an odd facial expression like I had never thought of that before.

    Was it the shunning issue? Could you discuss how scary that would be? How everyone would have to shun that person.

    That the Mormon's shun and the Amish shun....... but apparently Jesus never shunned anyone.

    How would she feel about the fact that if a family member decided to leave and have nothing more to do with the JW's you'd have to shun that person or you would be shunned in turn?

  • Lieu

    Noooope! One thing I did learn in psychology class : The hardest thing to do is to change the way people think. (Particularly if they are happy thinking the way they do).

    With a lot of JWs, there's not much thinking at all, just rote existence.

    I will say this tho'. Do you think first Century Christians faked the funk for the sake of consoling their families? Or did they speak up for themselves and what they felt was true? To death they went & they knew it was a likely consequence.

    You think it's bad for friends & family to throw you away, just imagine a lion ripping your arms off.

    The decision and outcome is yours.

  • steve2

    Good question to ponder in the company of a JW:

    "Have you noticed it's some years since the publications have expressly criticized the churches over child sexual abuse? I wonder what that's about. Have you?"

    Then, depending on the JW's response, tactfully change the topic.

    Remember you're just planting a seed - not pruning a tree.

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