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  • truthlover123

    Hi LFG:

    I understand what it is like making it on your own with two young children- you want the best for them and yourself and yes, they do model along the lines of a caring, loving organization however, you should ask questions before you decide to get baptized.. when baptized and if your children get baptized be advised that if one of you gets disfellowshipped, you will not be able to have anything to do with them or else you too, will be disfellowshipped. It is important that you know this - again, ask questions.

    My children did not get baptized, I did, but because they did not, I am able to visit, eat, talk- to them. Otherwise, it is as above. You are searching and probably want a husband as well. FYI- 65% in organization are women, 35% men- so do the math. This is from PEW Research. You may never get a man cause most wives who do die are older, so is the man and 90% of the time, he marries someone much younger than him. Maybe to have a nurse later on??

    The Holy Bible is for every religious belief to interpret as they want adherents to follow. Just be careful and weigh everything.

  • peacefulpete

    You're asking questions, that's good. If you continue this path in about a year you will stop asking them. You will become vested in this religion and belonging to the group becomes more important than anything else. You will begin ending other relationships with workmates and friends, the church becomes your family and your friends. Your children too will end the friendships they have and have only friends in the church. You will no longer want a college education for your children, you will no longer have family holidays like Christmas and Easter, you will no longer participate in voting or voicing your opinion about the environment or human rights. If your children do not stay in the church or break its rules you will lose them, if you or your children need medical care your choices are limited by the complex and contradictory rules on blood. Thousand have died because of refusing medical options the church has forbidden.You will spend nights worrying about you and your children being good enough to live when this god kills everyone not a Jehovah's Witness.

    Be forewarned, we wish we had been.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    You mentioned that God spoke to you and told you to do away with all vanity in your life. I'm not sure if you meant that God literally spoke to you or if you inwardly felt a need to be less vain and sensed that this would be pleasing to God .

    Either way, it seems to me that going to the great lengths that you've described, such as wearing a head covering everywhere thus making yourself stand out from others in an odd way, could in itself be a form of vanity or narcissism. Be sure that your motives are pure. It seems to me that you could on some level, be trying to draw attention to yourself and to what a good and righteous woman you are, compared to all those other vain make-up wearing ladies out there who go around with their heads uncovered.

    Thinking that your personal dress and grooming is so important to the God of the universe, that he would speak to you about it and that he absolutely needs you to go around with your head covered up, could be a form of narcissism. You may think that you are focusing on God but instead you may be focusing on yourself and how godly doing these things makes you feel and how pious this makes you appear to others.

    JW's (and others) tend to strive for balance when it comes to dress and grooming and their personal actions. They also don't believe that God speaks to individuals directly (especially women). To tell you the truth, JW's won't likely be impressed by your head-coveing and lack of make-up. You may be inadvertently sending them the message that you think you are more godly and less vain than they are. Rather than being impressed, they may think you're not a spiritually balanced person and will likely view you as spiritually immature and not ready for baptism, which of course is their ultimate goal when they study with you.

    You mentioned that you are new to Christianity and you said something about having changed and no longer focus on the "layers of makeup" you are wearing. It seems like you may have gone from one extreme to another. This is a common thing to happen to newbies.

    Why not strike a balance? Avoid the "all or nothing" mindset that people often get when they embark on a new religion. If you formerly wore a lot of makeup and or were spending an inordinate amount of time, money and thought on your grooming, why not reel it in a little? Choose an easy hairstyle, wear a dab of makeup if you want to and wear more practical clothing that won't be hot or encumber your day to day work and activities the way the clothing you've described, might.

  • RubaDub

    Would wearing a hat with your favorite sports team logo count as a head covering?

    Rub a Dub

  • smiddy3

    Welcome loveforgod to this forum.

    You seem to be mainly concerned about your dress code as to whether you could be baptised or not ?

    Shouldn`t you be more concerned about what Jehovah`s Witnesses / Governing Body teach and demand their members obey them even if you dont agree with or understand there directions ?

    Surely that should send up a red flag immediately.

    If you want to destroy your life and your children`s life then by all means join the JW`s and get baptised .

  • jhine

    Anyone , Christian or not should be concerned about civil rights , freedom of speech , women's rights , child ( and vulnerable adults ) protection . I speak as a Christian , an Anglican , and all my fellow Christians are concerned about those issues .

    Loveforgod , it's great that you are searching for a relationship with Yaweh and people with whom you can share that faith . You say that JWs have some ideas and outlooks that resonate with you . That may be their theological teaching about the Trinity ( that it doesn't exist ) or maybe just their family values and apparent love for each other . I say apparent because many on here will tell you how former friends and even family have very quickly turned their backs when they when they started to question and doubt .

    You have already realised that asking questions is a no no , and you will find that any kind of dissent is quickly squashed . I would try going on an Alpha Course if you can . Anglican , Catholic and other denominations run them . Each Alpha Course is the same so it doesn't matter which group you choose . You will be encouraged to ask questions and express doubts . If nothing else it would give you a base on which to compare the Watchtower and other faith groups , which l really recommend that you do before letting the Watchtower get it's hold on you . When once you are baptised they will effectively have total control over you , even to the point of requiring you to shun your lovely children if THEY deem it necessary . Before you give them that power please research and check out all the options on the market .

    If you want you can pm me for further discussion .


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