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  • loveforgod

    hi there I am not a JW but I am having bible study. I came to Christianity a few months before and I was searching for the right path. one of the things god spoke to me about and directed me in was to do away with all the vanity that was in me and now I wear the head covering and the modest dresses. i kind of look like a muslim or an isrealite depending on how you see me. i have changed a lot in a few short months and wearing the head covering gives me focus to concentrate on god instead of how many layers of make up i need.its an unmissable part of the bible and i wear it also to show my submissiveness to god and to jesus, while the meetings have been a good source of learning i have now asked the question of the head covering and yesterday i asked an elder because the sister teaching me didn't want to ask for me, so i asked the elder if me wearing the head covering would stop me getting baptized in the future, and the elder said basically i would have to make a choice and as time went on i would see what is the right thing to do. im taking that as yes it would, now im wondering is this the right path for me. sorry about the bad punctuation but to be fair im supprised i managed to even turn the computer on lol.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    while I don’t believe in head covers, there is nothing in the bible against it. Interesting question indeed.

  • truthlover123

    As a witness, u are not required to wear a head covering unless you are conducing a bible study yourself and there are men in the room not qualified to do so.. otherwise it is a personal thing.

    Modest dresses can be beautiful depending on materials - ankle length, flowing, short to the knee, boots are a nice look with both - beautiful blouses with out the deep plunge, boat neck, so many lovely materials, lots of jewelry - you dont have to dress like a nun

    The broader issue is with many things you wont learn by the bible study. You are searching. and that is a good thing but there are a lot of questions you want to ask every study session.

    1) Is Jesus higher than the governing body or do they replace Jesus on earth after Armageddon? Jesus died for the world of mankind that believes in him, the governing body did not.

    2)what is the directive on blood transfusions?

    2A) Can women hold a position in the organization as a governing body member? Can women give a 1/2 hour talk on the platform- like a man would? What place does a woman have in the organization?

    3)What is directive of dealing with family members not in the truth and who are good, kind people? Can you holiday with them?( mostly they want you out in service door to door to get more adherents- its an Amway thing - get more, make more money for society)

    4)What is their position on the child abuse issues currently in courts around the world and the society is losing millions of dollars per year with lawyers and trials when the perverts get sentenced to jail?

    5)Why the sell off of halls that originally was bought and upgraded by the volunteer publishers who are losing that money and their halls, just to be squeezed into another hall with another congregation?

    6) why the constant barrage of money. money to an organization claiming to do worldwide work but really, where the money goes is not accounted for? They report some rebuilding work, but they do not help "worldly People" at all... no clinics, no food banks, no clothing - just money for worldwide work that there is no spending reports made. Lately its been to pay off for the disgusting perverts within the congregations who have lost their cases. The society has kept them in, protected them, never reported them to law. The innocent ones never believed- IN a lot of cases, they and theie families disfellowshipped because they accused a man of child abuse- good old boys club..now they have a voice and the society is paying. Big time. Check it out. Its on the internet. Be wary. Check out the ARC report in 2015-2016 - Australia 0ver 1006 perverts in organization - thousands of children affected - no pervert reported to law- congregations did not know these perverts were in the congregations and could prey on their kids as elders do not announce this - sick!

    Research and ask a lot of questions.. You may open the eyes of your study partner

    These are just few things you may want to know- do you investigation- this forum can help u with that.. lot of ex-jws, Circuit overseers and elders and bethelites have left the organization due to what they learned when close to the head... they are now called "apostates" yet all they wanted was the society to do the right thing

    YOu will be told not to listen to media or read things that go against the society - keep in mind they have hired a PR firm to deal with media to downplay issues arising currently.

    Hope this does not spin your head too much -- keep it simple and dont ask questions all at once.. one or two a session would be enough for you to get an idea of what is done

  • loveforgod

    thankyou for your amazing response. one of the reasons i am having doubts about whether this would be good for me and my kids is the fact that even though im a single parent and they have shown love to me and my children i just cant get over the fact that my daughter is not into religion and even though she is 12 she has her view and i believe its her choice to believe or not i wouldn't be able to never speak to her again whatever she did or didn't do. my son also i love him to bits he is 8 and even though he will soak up the information, if he decided it wasn't for him that would be ok too i wouldn't force him. my job is to just show them the right way and never stop encouraging. the thing is though im starting to see like in one of your questions i could be asking, the watchtower seems to have a lot of power over the congregation and just getting this simple question answerd there is proving difficult. when i see the path with god i see me wearing the head covering and the long dresses i see a family who is open an honest and is the refuge from the world so that people can follow god together without being lonely on the path. in the meetings though im seeing a lot of hush hush mentality and it doesn't seem healthy. don't get me wrong one of the reasons for me choosing to study with them was because they follow the new and the old testament and they have some of the views I have, i though follow god not people and if god wants me to cover then i have to do it. i just think the watchtower has a little too much power if people cant ask questions without getting disfellowshipped or are just to scared to ask questions. it says in the bible to ask questions that how someone learns.

  • Giordano

    Hi loveforgod and welcome to the forum.

    I am assuming you came from a non christian background where a head covering was a sign of obedience and respect ?

    And yes To answer your question....... a head covering of some sort..... like a napkin, handkerchief or a hat needs to cover a JW baptized sister's head IF she is asked to give a prayer usually at the dinner table and there is a baptized male present who does not want or can not speak. After the prayer the covering is removed.

    I still have a fond memory of my elegant mother putting a napkin on her head to give the prayer.

    As we are mostly ex JW's and most of us are doubtful that a god even exists we tend to be on the side of civil rights, freedom of speech, women's rights and protection for children.

    We also have Christian believers who have left the Jehovah Witness religion but still have a need for faith in their life. Some attend many of the more open Churches where fellowship and activities are the order of the day.

    Do remember that the appeal of a forum like this is that everyone is encouraged to speak their mind on any subject. Most on this site have fought tooth and nail to quit the Jehovah's Witness religion.

    And there are many good reasons for that.

    The JW Pedophile problem has turned out to be a disaster for the JW's just as it has been for the Catholic Church.

    The insistence that an old Jewish rule called for 'two witnesses' to confirm a dispute or a serious crime has prevented many families from removing the pedophile from the congregation.

    A Jehovah's Witness believes that their paradise earth will be built over the bones of billions of innocent people who did not become Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Please start looking into things. A good and honest web site is jwfacts.com which uses only the Watchtower's own claims.

    Edited to add: Just read your response and feel that you are more then capable to reach your own point of view.

    Since the head covering is important to you, if it resembles any other religion's head covering you will be discouraged from having any participation within the congregation.

    It is similar with men having beards.......... they are discouraged from looking 'different'.

    This religion holds to it's core 19th century roots and the nonsense they presented in the early 20th century.

    It's a dangerous religion on a number of issues. Lets say a JW has a child who falls sick or gets into an accident and is seriously hurt. This as we know can happen.

    So you are told by the Doctors that your child needs a blood transfusion immediately.

    But a JW is forbidden blood transfusions....... you can not be stopped from giving permission but if you do you will shunned for the rest of your life.

    The organization expects you to obey them and sacrifice your child.

    Look up Blood Transfusion's in jw.com

  • BluesBrother

    Good advice in the other replies, check out this religion from all sources , dont be afraid to ask difficult questions. Dont confuse the warmth and friendliness of decent people around you with the overall teaching and conduct of the global organization.

    There is nothing to stop you covering your head if you wish, and dressing as you like. JW's require a female head to be covered only when praying before others or teaching, as a Christian man would do.

    If you wish to cover always, some would find a hat or scarf that did not look like " a Muslim or an Israelite " yet would perform the same function. But that is just a suggestion. ...... you do as you like .

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    A very warm welcome LoveforGod. You are in the right place here to ask questions and not get shadyanswers, snubbed, or no answers at all!. Here you will get as many answers as the people in the forum, as varied as possible , all from different angles.So you are going to see a lot of color and info that will help you on eway or the other.

    Your own words say it all,

    yesterday i asked an elder because the sister teaching me didn't want to ask for me, so i asked the elder if me wearing the head covering would stop me getting baptized in the future, and the elder said basically i would have to make a choice and as time went on i would see what is the right thing to do.

    In my opinion/experience this is generally what they do to new ones who are having a Bible study so as not to scare you away. Why is it so difficult ot give you a straight forward answer? You did not ask a very difficult question! Also why would the sister not want to ask the elder the question for you? Did she give you any reasons at all?

    the watchtower seems to have a lot of power over the congregation and just getting this simple question answerd there is proving difficult.

    If getting a simple question answered is so difficult , can you imagine how much more difficult it is going to be if you asked really serious questions; questions that have a very high impact on you and your kids life?

    You also mentioned that your daughter has differing views and because of that you wont be able to talk with her (if I understood you correctly), do you know about shunning that the jw's follow? That is heart-breaking, life wrecking!

    The bible says in Proverbs 27:12 A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

    Do tonnes of research because this is your life

    Wishing you my best.


  • Vanderhoven7

    As suggested, please research Watchtower religion. There are plenty of other warm Christian groups where freedom exists to question and come and go as you please without threat of separating family members through shunning.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    Although I haven't gone to other churches, I would say if you want a more supportive and loving religion, don't join this one.

    For all the talk of love, I grew up in this religion feeling unloved. They say God loves you but....... and somehow, you are made to feel like you are never good enough. Especially if you are female.

    The newest trend with this religion is:

    Give us your money

    Shun anyone that isn't a 100% for us

    Everyone who isn't one us - is wicked and bad and will die at Armageddon so stay away from those that don't go to the kingdom hall (actually that is what they have always said)

  • Listener

    Loverifgod, if you feel wearing a headcovering is important in your worship of God then who is man to tell you that it is wrong? Beware of serving men rather than serving God.

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