What is Causing This Sudden Increase in Crime / Racial Tension???

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  • LV101

    Lord Trump (lolol - good one) has done more in 2 yrs. than the left-power wealth holders in 40 yrs. They're too stupid and have never experienced running anything other than corruption circles creating family wealth for themselves. Of course, the elites think the new socialism/communism they propose will work.

    If you look at the candidate, Biden - oh my. Typical American professional politician who has lived off the backs of the taxpayers -- he's not unique.

    Good thing the individual who started this topic doesn't have a clue what many Trump supporters - people who are in the top tax bracket of society and donate endless hours with charitable orgs/donating to others - feel about individuals who actually pay nothing toward the country or make peanuts in reality! Such a low opinion of the hard-working American who pays same if not more taxes than you probably pay - disgusting to think they're high echelon of society because of a few yrs. of college and so delusional. It's the wealth of others they really abhor - doesn't matter if they worked hard for it they're entitled to it.

  • silentbuddha
    Can you please define the lowest common denomiator in this case.I just want an actual answer that doesn't involve off beat humor that let's you avoid answering seriously.
  • RubaDub

    @silentbuddha ...

    OK, a least common denominator is composed of prime numbers. As has been proven by mathematicians thousands of years ago, there is an infinite amount of prime numbers.

    Let's begin with the first five; 2, 3, 5, 7, 11

    Let's let 2 = You missed your 8th grade graduation because you had jury duty.

    Let's let 3 = You invite your 14 year old daughter over for dinner along with all of her kids

    Let's let 5 = You think the Waffle House is an upscale restaurant

    Let's let 7 = You can burp and say your name at the same time

    Let's let 11 = Your pickup truck has chrome bull balls hanging off the trailer hitch

    If you check the box to two or more of the five above, you will find yourself in the least common denominator category.

    If needed, we can expand the sampling size of the aforementioned population to increase the desired confidence level.

    silentbuddha, I hope this is serious enough. We're dealing with mathematics and statistics.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    Typical American professional politician who has lived off the backs of the taxpayers

    Not to derail the discussion but I hear people using the expression "living off the backs of taxpayers" a lot. Are government workers and politicians supposed to work for Free?

    When you think about it, anyone who works for a profitable business and who gets a paycheck or whose income comes from having made a profit off of someone else, is essentially living off the "backs of others", too and those "others" are typically taxpayers.

    Why do people like to throw that term up in a derisive way when speaking of people whose wages come from taxes especially since government employees and politicians wages are also taxed and they pay local and state taxes just like anyone else?

    Thank goodness there are still people who want to take the lead. Why shouldn't they be paid?

  • minimus

    He definitely appeals to the lowest common denominator of society.. So rub you think that of us ? It’s of course your opinion but I’m saddened that you feel that way . Hillary Clinton would be proud of you.

  • RubaDub

    Min ...

    C'mon man. It's just me.

    I can't picture you having those bull balls on your trailer hitch. I bet you drive a Beemer or Grand Cherokee.

  • silentbuddha
    as expected...
  • minimus

    Well Rub you put out your real opinion of many of us and like I said it’s your prerogative. It’s just good to know where your derision is rooted from.

  • RubaDub

    Min, et al ...

    I stand corrected. I will be good.

  • minimus

    Be who you are. At least I know who I’m dealing with. It’s all good !

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