Oi Cofty

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    Second thing is the utter conviction unionists seem to have that Scotland governing itself could be nothing other than an unmitigated disaster. What is it about Scotland or the people who live in Scotland that makes you so convinced they could not successfully govern themsleves? Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Luxembourg - all very successful small countries.

    Well, the bit about deep-frying mars bars indicates a people who are not ready to decide for themselves :-).

    More seriously, the type of argument ---"XYZ might work in country A but it certainly can't work for us because we are just different!"--- is a very typical kind of reaction and very hard to argue against. I have heard so many times why any kind of public health care in America would lead to financial ruin (even though that is not the experience of any other western country) and it is a stance which is nearly impossible to argue against because, well, this situation is just different!.

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