A Hard Lesson Learned

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  • pale.emperor

    Sorry to hear of your troubles OP. I, like you, was grilled for two hours on my beliefs before the judicial had officially even started!

    But take comfort in that now you can be free and determined to live your life the way YOU want to. Be a strong, confident, loving person - you don't need a religion for that and you certainly don't need elders.

  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    Dubstepp - I am well known for the psychic work I used to do, I have been on TV and in newspapers. They were spying on me to try to gather evidence that I was still involved. he fact I am still living in the same house as the lady who helped me (the retired wisewoman/ witch) because I cannot afford to rent a place of my own is enough for them. they could have offered me somewhere to help me move out but they did not. I know far too much being out for 26 years and they see me as a threat.

    L learnt quite a bit in the short time I was in, a sister had been assigned to me to take me through the 2016 Yearbook chapter called "The Light Gets Brighter" all the changes made to their beliefs regarding 1914 etc. She told me I had to forget all I was taught before and take on this new knowledge! You can read all about that on their website.

    I also heard talks on the fact that the members of the org pay for materials for new Kingdom Halls and also build them which costs the org nothing. I read that in 2011 the organization sold over 30 Kingdom Halls and gained a billion dollars. I bet the members who paid out and built these halls didn't see any of it! They are now training the JWs as electricians and plumbers so that they do not have to pay anyone else to do maintenance!! I have noticed the sharp expensive suits the men at the top wear on their JW Broadcasts!

    I have read all about Russells occult involvement and also the spirit medium Greber writing the New World Translation. Those elders have no right to talk to me about spiritism.

    They keep the JWs so busy now, loads of study for meetings plus all the broadcasts to keep up to date with and the preaching work. I went to an assembly and the coach left the KH at 6.45am I was so tired and then sat through a full day of talks. Many JWS look very tired.

    A recent talk that made me chuckle was about men wearing tight trousers accentuating their "parts"!!!

    As the elders spoke to me yesterday one of them was staring at a tattoo I have on my shoulder of a beautiful mermaid showing her boobs. I kept it covered up at all the meetings, but now it no longer matters.

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