A Hard Lesson Learned

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  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    Hello Everyone,

    Do you remember that my Dad passed away last year and I was going back to the Witnesses after 26 years?

    I got reinstated after going there for 9 months. In the 5 months since then I felt the men in the congregation didn't want me there. Anyway they got their spies to search my name on the internet and found out that in the past I had been involved in psychic groups etc and they made a meal of it, I was sent a text and asked to attend the Kingdom Hall on a Monday evening not saying why. When I went their I was greeted by them holding their tablets and showing me various website photos they had found of me playing music at folk festivals and dancing. One of the elders was very aggressive and asked me if I was having sexual relations with the woman I was staying with, I was questioned by him aggressively for 2 hours, but I stood up to him.

    After that I attended no more meetings, my friend said she could see I was traumatised. They called me to a judicial committee tonight. I did not attend but wrote a letter. They about 40 minutes ago they knocked on the door (the window cleaner is a JW and told them where I lived as you wouldn't find this cottage unless you knew where to go) and announced that they were disfellowshipping me. In one way I feel relieved. the JWs are much worse than they used to be they watch your EVERY move and I just couldn't take it.

    Another woman in the congregation told me that the elders are awful to single women and often drag them in the back room to have a go about something or other. She said there are big problems in that congregation and the elder who interrogated me is sex mad as he always turns around any comment he makes to David and Bathsheba lol!. Anyway some of you warned me it wouldn't be a good idea and you were right. I promised my Dad I would return before he died and I did just that, but what was going to happen after reinstatement I did not know. I only hope he can see the truth of it all now and one day I will see him again.

  • Tallon

    Hello Disassociated Lady 2

    Sorry to read of your terrible experience. You are better off out of the cult and here's hoping that your Dad sees how badly you have been treated. The folks on this forum will always be here should you have the need to 'blow off steam'.

    All the best to you.

  • Londo111

    Let's review: It's a cult!

    What are the charges for your disfellowshipping?

  • Crazyguy

    What part of the world are you in?

  • Giordano

    Sorry you had to go through that demented nonsense. You did honor your memory of your Dad. Now honor yourself!

    This is yet another example of the JW organization shooting themselves in the foot or in this case the heart.

    You did honor your memory of your Dad. Now honor yourself!

  • Tallon

    @ Disassociated Lady 2

    My apologies; I misread that your father had passed away.

  • ToesUp

    Sorry to hear of your troubles. Unfortunately, if they will do it to you once, they will do it to you again. I actually think some of these guys look forward to being judge and jury. It is a sick cult.

  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    Londo 111,

    The elders said that they had found evidence on the internet that I was heavily into Spiritism. I do not consider my work with Holistic Therapies as such but maybe they do. Whenmy husband of 21 years divorced me in 2012 I was homeless and could not go to my family as I was shunned. A friend was kind enough to take me in and let me stay there and because she has been known as a wise woman/witch they wanted me to move out and never see her again. No Witnesses would help me, I would have thought my own mother would have let me sleep on her floor rather than live where I am but that is not the case. They give instructions but are not willing to help you.

  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    Crazy Guy

    I am in U.K.

  • Tenacious

    I'm really sorry to hear about your situation.

    It's plain to see that Elders in the majority of congregations worldwide are starting to reveal the wolves they really are inside.

    I would not worry about those maggots. In the end they'll get theirs one way or another.

    Peace to you DL2.

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