Where are the EXJW Feminist Philosophers?

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  • slimboyfat

    TD I just watched the Sandberg video. She makes a lot of sense in what she says, women don't put themselves forward and underestimate their abilities. Men put themselves forward more, or certain men do. I think that's right. She talks about position rather than wealth which is fair enough, although the two are obviously related. But I guess the problem with the observation that women are not assertive enough is that the implied solution is that women need to change to succeed in the system. What about changing the system so that it suits the predispositions of women instead?

    Certain feminists would argue that the goal shouldn't really be to get equal numbers of billionaires, but to reorganise the system in its entirety so there are no billionaires. It depends on whether you think capitalism itself is a patriarchal system. In which case getting women to conform so they can do well within the system is not real change.

  • alecholmesthedetective
    I cam curious if anyone noticed that the main contributors to this conversation are males?
    I'm a man. So?
  • Luther bertrand
    Luther bertrand
    Wow I love the dialogue that was prompted by my request. The fact that these conversations are happening in the exjw community is fantastic!
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi TD & SBF

    First I'd like to apologize - I wasn't dismissing ideas or examples, I just was in a bad mood yesterday. I didn't feel up to being open-minded, as you could probably tell.

    Ok, thanks, TD, for your examples.

    The main point I'd like to make is that the women who prefer patriarchal systems, e.g. this follower of Deida, likely lives in the West. In other words, it wasn't the patriarchal system or nothing, she could choose which one best suited her. If it didn't work out, she could always go back to the modern system of equality.

    Throughout the ages, women have had the patriarchal system thrust up on them. Now, if some women prefer the patriarchal system then they should be free to choose it. But I don't think this should necessarily be advertised. The main system now in the West is the system of equality. If a minority of women have a problem with that, then they can be made aware of other options, IMO.

    Incidentally, what about modern men who get fed up with the equality system? They are routinely called sexist pigs by feminists and the far Left. Is this wrong? Shouldn't these fed-up men be introduced to a patriarchal system?

  • sparrowdown
    High five to Xanthippe!!
  • talesin
    Wow I love the dialogue that was prompted by my request. The fact that these conversations are happening in the exjw community is fantastic!

    Lb, that was my intent.

    On page 1, I meant to be provocative, in the hopes of sparking meaningful discussion. It was surprising, how quickly my comment received the expected response. This issue needs to be discussed; the air needs to be cleared, and a continuing dialogue established. Looking forward to your collaborative video analyses / commentaries.

    I've just now returned, and read a few comments; enough to say, "Mission Accomplished".

    TD, well said, all of it And this: Yes, patriarchy = oppression of ALL poor (ie, working classes, peasants, serfs, or whatever term one chooses to use). Picture an inverted pyramid with 1% at the top, and children of poverty at the bottom. That is the core issue. Does the problem lie with the bourgeousie?

    It always surprises me when Brits don't get it. I could speculate that recognition of class distinctions as a cultural ethos may lead to what could be described as a laissez faire acceptance of the status quo. Here in Canada and the USA, we like to think we have freedom of choice, and no ruling class, which is equally specious. Passive acceptance of the status quo, or living in the fantasy that is the American Dream - I choose none of the above.

    Xan, Indeed. Don't let it get you down. I noticed that, 'cry foul they dd not. Hmmmm?' (said in my best Yoda voice). Gotcha smilin', right? That's because you were absolutely spot-on. It's why I chose not to engage.

    Hi fives to you both, sparrowdown!

  • talesin

    And that, menfolk, is called 'solidarity'.


    LoveUni - 'sexist pig" Shocking. And that's no joke. I am guessing you are Australian, because that's the last place I heard that slur used. (not since the 80s) Tell them to take a long walk off a short pier.

  • LoveUniHateExams


    Yeah, I was exaggerating there - I'm in the UK and the last time I heard 'sexist pig' was a very long time ago. But men who are fed up with the modern system of equality are smeared as bigots by feminists/hard Left and still have to face consequences.

    There was recently the account of a top Professor resigning because he said something along the lines off: "women shouldn't work in laboratories because they have a tendency to fall in love with male colleagues" - ridiculous nonsense, and I don't defend what he said. He was wrong. But he lost his job over it - couldn't an apology and handshake suffice?

  • bohm
    LUHE: But men who are fed up with the modern system of equality are smeared as bigots by feminists/hard Left and still have to face consequences.

    Isn't a person who is "fed up with the modern system of equality" pretty much a bigot by definition?

  • talesin

    LoveUni, that does sound extreme, but, knowing the reputation of uni professors, I am reminded of the old expression, 'where there's smoke, there's fire'. I would venture to guess that the devil is in the details (and context of the political climate of that particular institution, at that particular time).

    The academic environment has abuses on both sides. One of the local universities was run by the Sisters of Charity. The Motherhouse is still on the campus, if I am not mistaken. My bestie got his degree there in the early 80s, and he was one of the first men to be admitted into a degree program at said university. (I was taking 1st year Maths there at the same time, but we didn't meet until the late 90s.)

    It was a hotbed of fringe feminism. Their Women's Studies program was filled with academics who seemed to revel in their quest to humiliate and abuse male students (or any male that was available - you know the type). He suffered a great deal, and his university life was hell. We were friends a long time, before he told me why he hated the "F" word. A lot of that element is to be found in academia.

    PS. My friend achieved his BA with Honours in American History. He made the Dean's List for 3 years (that is because he completed the 4-year program in 3, with a 4.0 GPA. His background was tough, and he did it all on scholarship. I'm so proud of him!

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