WTBTS' corrupt translation - to elevate elders!

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  • slimboyfat

    Interestingly the Targum of Psalm 68 reverses the receive/give order:

    "You, prophet Moses, ascended to the firmament, you took captives captive,
    you learnt/taught the words of the Law and gave them as gifts to the children of men."

    Taken from a full discussion of the verse here.


  • slimboyfat

    The 21st Century New Testament -Literal/Free Dual Translation by JW Vivian Capel can be counted on to agree with the NWT when no other does.

    Ephesians 4:8

    Free: It is as the scripture says: "He ascended on high and led many prisoners captive, giving men as gifts".
    Literal: Through which he is saying: "Having gone up into a height he led captive captivity, and he gave gifts in the men".

    No footnote or explanation.

    Edgar Foster recently referred to the verse on his blog.


  • sparrowdown

    The Bible in Living English Eph 4:8 "....gave presents to men."

  • Bobcat

    Here and here are posts I made (on another board) on the rendering of the NWT phrase "gifts in men."

  • ssn587

    The elders are as much a gift as a burning bag of manure left on the front porch.

    blondie2 days ago

    I have access to other sites that have a comparison listing of many translations, but none with the RNWT. Does anybody know of one.

    No Blondie, I do not know of any bible site that lists the NWT. The reason is obvious to most who have not been brainwashed from this cult.

    Scholarly sources will never list the NWT or RNWT because as the OP stated, the WTBTS is a corrupted translation. Literally hundreds of erroneous translations, words added, words changed and linguistic rules and laws just ignored.

    Yet the org will still proclaim to it's own that it is the most accurate translation available. The new testament is a collection of books compiled by the apostles of Jesus and their disciples confirming that the way to God is through Jesus Christ. The NWT and RNWT is a collection of the same books that have been altered to suggest that the way to God is through the WTS.

    Both position cannot be right. that is why I feel that witnesses at the door, with bible in hand, representing the WTS are nothing short of 'wolves is sheeps clothing'

    Sorry if that sounds harsh, but that is the TRUTH

  • blondie

    So does anyone know of any ex-jw with tech skills who put one together and has offered it here or another place?

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