WTBTS' corrupt translation - to elevate elders!

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    The WT March 2017, p.11, par. 13 quotes Ephesians 4:8 as saying, "The Bible refers to them as 'gifts in men.'"

    However, the org's own Kingdom Interlinear Translation (and every other Bible translation) gives a truthful translation of the verse:

    K.I.T. = "Through which he is saying.......................and he gave gifts to the men."

    These couldn't be the gifts which Paul spoke about at 1 Corinthians chapter 12, could they? :)

    I honestly wonder how many J.W.'s look at their elders and regard them as "gifts."

    Pity that Witnesses don't use their K.I.T. to verify what the RNWT says!

  • Vidiot

    I'm sure some of 'em think that way about themselves.

    They keep asking little kids to "unwrap" them, after all...

  • iwasblind

    Keep searching you will find literally hundreds of incorrectly translated scriptures.

    Worse still they are using the english NWT to translate to the other languages. I speak another language and the translation gets even worse.

  • stillin

    The New World Paraphrase Bible strikes again!

  • stuckinarut2

    Great pick up Searcher!

    What a difference one word makes!

  • blondie

    Every translation confirms what Searcher says:


  • blondie

    Time to return the gifts in men

  • scratchme1010

    Pity that Witnesses don't use their K.I.T. to verify what the RNWT says!

    It's a brainwashing cult. There are reasons why they have their own translation of the Bible. They are going to do every single thing they can to look better, gain power and control over other people and make more money.

    Regardless, I agree that that's how many elders think of themselves.


    Every translation confirms what Searcher says:.....Blondie

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  • NikL

    Searcher, you rock!

    I love your posts and scriptures.

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