How did you overcome feelings of lost time in the Org?

by Skepsis 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Chook

    I try and make up for lost time by doing all the Jw forbidden hobbies and sports. Actually just returning to the Catholic kid of my childhood. Just a normal neighbour not interested in WT sales people's on Saturdays. I try not to get to disappointed in my cult course I took. I actually like being an apostate ,I think I found my calling helping ones leave JWs or preventing them joining .

  • OnTheWayOut

    I can't speak on the job issue for you. I had a decent job that I love and still have that.
    I faded for the sake of my mother and my in-law family. Well, that part went okay.

    On the friend issue, similarly people I thought would want to at least stay in contact were ready to drop me. So I dealt with that by fading faster. I don't need fake friends or cold shoulders. Better to be alone.

    And I slowly built up friendships with other ex-JW's by meeting them.

  • HereIgo

    This is a great topic. I personally was able to overcome feelings of lost time by just accepting the fact that I lost that time and trying to look at the positives, although there are hardly any. I do feel to an extent that being in the religion helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and also helped me curb my social anxiety that I had at the time which was able to help me deal with people better in the real world. This was done obviously by public speaking and field service. Also, since I was raised around the "troof", If I had never been involved, I would have always wondered if it was indeed the truth. Since I was able to see for myself that it wasn't, I was able to move on knowing TTATT. I feel like any experience we have in life will shape us into who we are today, so that's how I try to look at it.

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