Faced with the reality of mortality

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The cult has robbed so many of the only life they have because of not living in the present...just looking ahead to paradise with pet lions, tigers, elephants, and heaps of crap all over the yard waiting to be stepped into.

  • tor1500

    Hi Again,

    I once heard a minister say this...."Some people are so heavenly bound (in the case of JW/Paradise bound), they are no earthly good....meaning, they are so into the here after they don't enjoy now...& to get to heaven or paradise they will do anything to get there, even throw their love ones under the bus....


  • dubstepped

    So I was just thinking about this, as I do far too much, and was struck by something that I often say to people when they lose someone. If it hurts that means you had something worth losing. When my dad died it didn't hurt much. I probably mourned more for the dad I never had than the one I did.

    So if I flip that around, I guess maybe if it hurts more to leave this planet it's because your life was worth something. If it didn't mean much and was one of resignation, then maybe it doesn't hurt as much to leave unless one has regrets. I have too much to do and experience to leave. I want my life to mean something now that I can see clearly, and it devastates me on a level to know that will end someday.

  • stuckinarut2

    Beautiful comments again everyone!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Yes, as Flipper wisely said, the value in life is enjoying EVERYTHING we can, each and EVERY day!

    There is always something to appreciate if we look for it.

    I am certainly thankful that we have all awoken before getting too old, and before we wasted too much of our lives.

    I feel really sad for those who have spent their whole lives trapped both physically and emotionally in a fantasy-world of JW doctrine. So sad for them.

  • scratchme1010
    How have you all coped with facing the reality of our mortality?

    Even though I am born in, that issue was never something that caused any fear or problem. I guess that since I was a little boy I was convinced that I wasn't going to make it to paradise, I grew up knowing that one day I will die.

    I take life and death for what they are. I don't want to die too soon, but I accept that it will happen one day.

  • All or nothing
    All or nothing

    When I first learned TTATT I felt cheated, devastated, sad and depressed. Now, several years later I choose to live each day to the full and not live for some future false promise. The real challenge now is the delusional still in family that are still believing the false nonsense. I cringe when they talk in the cult lingo. I can tell they are experiencing cognitive dissonance but have to be careful what to say, not to out myself. It's bad enough that we have to face the reality of our mortality...but to deal with our still in family not knowing or prepared to deal with their mortality is going to be a difficult road...

  • Diogenesister

    Excellent post! Our mortality is something that hit me hard, since I became unwell in my 40s and coincided with my full awakening. Its an important topic that we as exjws should talk about more.

    I wonder if it's been studied by psychologists, as it must be a fairly rare phenomenon, no? To be so utterly sure of your own immortality, despite all evidence to the contrary!

    SBF The sense being that, if such properties comprise who we are in toto, then the extension or recapitulation of who we are is merely a technical question that will be solved one day.

    This is something I firmly believe. That is if we don't destroy ourselves first.

    Sadly, SBF, you and I were born too soon and will miss that boat. But energy is just transferred from one form to another. Perhaps part of our energy will become a snowdrop, or a wolf cub?

  • The_Seeker

    You know I faced my mortality early on, like when I was in my 20's, but I do believe in the immortality of the soul. Scientists do not even know why we are conscious, the brain is merely a biological computer, consciousness is something that baffles even the most intelligent of scientists. That being said, I believe that at the moment of conception a soul enters the body and it is the soul that is conscious and that is why it can not be measured or defined in any terms that we as humans can understand. Let's take for example children who are born with memories of past lives, the memories are so vivid that they can describe towns and other places they have never seen. I believe it is because sometimes it takes a while for the soul to realize that it has entered a new body so the previous memories are still fresh and get carried over. Later in life these children lose those memories it seems they fade with the passing of time. Quantum Physics teaches us that energy can not be destroyed merely changed from one form to the other, so the energy that animates the body and gives us consciousness must go somewhere when the body ceases to function. I don't pretend to be an expert or even understand, but this explanation has always felt right to me on some level. Who knows for sure, only God.

    In Love and Peace

    The Seeker

  • stuckinarut2

    I respect your right to believe in that The_Seeker, but I can't take those ideas seriously....

  • The_Seeker

    I understand stuckinarut it was just my thoughts, we all must believe what seems true to us.

    In Peace and Love

    The Seeker

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