Are GB accountable for deaths for changing policy ?

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  • Chook

    Example blood factions, organ transplants. suicide from disfellowshipping , breaking up family's with old oral sex policy

  • Scully

    The GB will claim that they are not accountable, that their instructions were merely "suggestions" or "recommendations" and that those who chose to follow them were doing so completely voluntarily, based on their understanding of Scripture™.

    However, when the choice to set aside those teachings in favour of, say, saving their child's life with a blood transfusion is consequenced with expulsion from the Congregation™ and being shunned by friends and family, how "voluntary" is it to comply? And who is responsible for the individual JW's understanding of Scripture™ in the first place, particularly when to hold a different understanding is equated with Apostasy™?

    When a person is under duress, such as when a gun is held to their head, and commits a crime, they are not really committing that crime voluntarily, are they? In that case, who is accountable for the commission of the crime?

  • Simon

    Accountable in what way? Legally? Good luck with that ...

    They of course contributed to some situations, but isn't there some personal responsibility involved?

    I think claiming the WTS policy on oral sex is responsible for a family breakup is a little far-fetched to be honest.

  • Chook

    It's crazy Scully to think we believed the Gehenna gun

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    In my mind, since they claimed to be directed by Jehovah in all they do, once then they adopted the blood fractions ruling two years after my Dad died from lack of blood, they are responsible for him having died in one of the worst ways possible. Blood fractions would literally have saved his life but according to these men, they were not acceptable to Jehovah at the time but now Jehovah says it's ok. According to them Jehovah also says that a Son, Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather are all part of the same generation.

  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Yes, they are morally accountable and in a more enlightened world, they would be legally accountable.

    When you indoctrinate someone form birth to believe that you speak for God, and that loyalty and obedience to your teachings exclusively is equivalent to loyalty and obedience to God, and that such loyalty and obedience are vital for their eternal salvation, and you then teach that person that God requires them to reject certain life saving medical treatments and the person obeys and dies - there is no way to extricate yourself from moral responsibility for the person's death. You psychologically manipulated the person into killing themself.


    Are GB accountable for deaths for changing policy ?

    Watchtower Takes Accountability For Nothing..

    Everything is a Concience Matter / WBT$ Mind Game..

    If you make a Bad Choice based on WBT$ Misinformation..

    The WBT$ Blames You!..


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  • sparky1

    "I think claiming the WTS policy on oral sex is responsible for a family breakup is a little far-fetched to be honest." - Simon

    Actually, this happened to the brother of my roommate at Watchtower Farms. His wife used this 'rule' to divorce her husband who was an Elder at the time......she claimed that he forced himself on her. It was a very complicated case. He wound up disfellowshiped and divorced. One of the Elders who may have been on their committee ( I can't remember if he was actually on the committee or not, but was aware of the case because he already had a 'thing' for this sister) pulled the same shit on his wife and claimed that she forced herself on him! Then this Elder married the sister. The 'loophole' worked for them very well. His only punishment was that he was removed as an Elder. Only in Watchtowerland can insane policies be implemented whose unintended consequences are worse than the 'sins' that they are designed to protect against!

  • Chook

    What God has yoked together let no bastard from Brooklyn pull apart.

  • Dunedain

    I think specifically concerning the blood issue, and their essentially reversing decades of the NO blood rule, by now allowing fractions, there could be some legal ramifications. I only believe it would happen though, if many people got together, and worked together with lawyers. It would have to kinda be like a class action lawsuit type of thing.

    If many folks who have lost loved ones, and the stories of the countless people who have been directly affected by the blood issue, came to the forefront, the WBTS could be in trouble. If it changed popular opinion, and gained public awareness, some lawyers would smell "blood" in the water. They may come in like sharks, and the WBTS could have quite a few "bites" taken out of them.

    On the other issues, I don't feel they would ever gain traction in a legal sort of way.

    That being said, the GB have a TREMENDOUS accountability for all their flip flopping on issues. It is a moral accountability, and their NEVER taking any responsibility, is where they have shown themselves to be morally guilty. They are blood guilty, and they shall be held accountable. Whether it is thru legal means, members exposing them, or a higher power, they will be accountable one day.

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